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40 Beautiful Pictures of Insects

Most people when they think of insects, if at all they do so, think of them as pesky creatures that make life difficult for you. While this is not untrue, it is also not completely true. The fact is, our friends from the insect world have their functions to perform and their roles to play. We may not want to admit it, but it is true and this is because most of the insects we encounter are the kind that we work hard to keep away from our homes and offices. That is why; the concept of an insect that is beautiful is something that does not normally occur to us.

However, the fact is that our friends from the insect world also have a claim to beauty. If you do not believe us just think of butterflies. Nobody in their right mind would say that butterflies are not beautiful and it is also a fact that they do belong to the insect kingdom. If this is not enough to convince you, then we present to you the cute and undeniably visually appealing ladybird or ladybug. There is nothing icky about this cute little bug that is black beauty with adorable red dots. In fact, this insect has been the subject of many a tattoo design.



We think you are now convinced that insects can be beautiful, but if you are not, then look at the cute patterns on a yellow and black bee. We know that most people do not stop to admire the way the bee looks given that it tends to sting and that too painfully but there is no doubt that a bee is pretty from the visual point of view. In fact, there are some lovely colors that are only seen on some insects like the vivid green of a grasshopper.


While colors is one thing, nature has been really kind in the designing of the patterns and color combinations that many insects sport. Some insects are iridescent when it comes to the colors they sport. In the insect world colors and patterns they sport are more to do with camouflage and hiding. It also comes in handy when it is mating season. While these are some of the reasons for the beautiful colors and patterns that insects sport, for us it translates into visual enjoyment and inspiration.


Inspiration, you ask. Well, the colors and color combinations that insects sport are so beautiful that it has not only inspired artists to create some masterful pieces, it has also inspired some practical uses. One of them being creation of patterns and prints on clothing. In fact, even jewelry designs have been inspired by the colors, color combinations that insects display. There are many lines of jewelry that have borrowed from patterns and colors from insects to come up with lovely designs.

Beautiful insects Pictures (9)

In fact, when you look at pictures of insects, you will soon see what we mean. Just imagine a pin or ring or a pair of earrings that are fashioned in the form of an insect. Then visualize the bits of color that the insect has replaced with the same colored stones. The eyes of the insect can also be replaced with a precious, semi-precious or artificial stone of the same color. Then you will really be able to visualize the beauty of the insect.


What is more the form of an insect can be really fascinating to look at, when you consider the functionality, movement and feats that are part of the insect and its body. You have to admit that there is a beauty to that too!

Beautiful Pictures of Insects






Baby Snail

Beautiful insects Pictures (1)

Black and white weevil

Beautiful insects Pictures (2)

Camellia Shield Bug or Tea Seed Bug
Beautiful insects Pictures (3)

Camouflage Walking Leaf
Beautiful insects Pictures (4)
Beautiful insects Pictures (5)
Beautiful insects Pictures (6)
Dragon Fly
Beautiful insects Pictures (7)
Feather Horned Beetle
Beautiful insects Pictures (8)
Golden Scarab Beetle
Beautiful insects Pictures (10)
Green Lacewing
Beautiful insects Pictures (11)
Green Spider
Beautiful insects Pictures (12)
Lantern Flies are a Kind of Leafhopper
Beautiful insects Pictures (13)
Leaf Beetles
Beautiful insects Pictures (14)
Lizard Beetle
Beautiful insects Pictures (15)
Metallic Red Green Beetle
Beautiful insects Pictures (16)
Milkweed Bugs
Beautiful insects Pictures (17)
Nettle Caterpillar
Beautiful insects Pictures (18)
Painted Snail
Beautiful insects Pictures (19)
Picasso Bug
Beautiful insects Pictures (20)
Pink Leaf Beetle
Beautiful insects Pictures (21)
Rainbow Grasshopper
Beautiful insects Pictures (22)
Red Banded Millipede
Beautiful insects Pictures (23)
Rosemary Beetle
Beautiful insects Pictures (24)
Rosy Maple Moth
Beautiful insects Pictures (25)
Stick Insect, Species found in Australia
Beautiful insects Pictures (26)
Tie-dyed Butterfly
Beautiful insects Pictures (27)
Tortoise Beetle
Beautiful insects Pictures (28)
Velvet Ant
Beautiful insects Pictures (29)
Wax-Tailed Plant hopper
Beautiful insects Pictures (30)