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10 Breeds of Dogs that looks like Bears

Dogs are always our favorite and so we like to read a variety of things about them. Today, here we will be discussing a completely different thing that’s really hard to imagine. We have heard many different things about bears and they are truly an interesting animal. But sometimes we do to find a double package in a single thing that’s the topic of our discussion in this article. There are many people who like dogs and also bears. But it’s nearly impossible to make a bear your pet, so for them, there’s an option. Just go for a dog breed that almost looks like a bear and we are here to give you a list of such breeds that looks like bears.


Breeds of Dogs that looks like Bears:

1. Newfoundland Dog: A large working dog that was bred for the first time in Canada. They are very intelligent, loyal and powerful. In many cases, they are used as rescue dogs in water as they can swim very well. This dog breed is covered with a thick coat that is water resistant and it makes them look like a bear.



2. Alaskan Malamute: Alaskan Malamute is a domestic dog breed that was bred to pull the heavy freights because of their extreme strength and endurance. They are much similar to the arctic dog breeds. It is also the official state dog of Alaska. They have a double coat all over their body.



3. Chow Chow: Have you ever heard about this cute and chubby dog breed? The breed was originally bred in Northern China. It is one of the ancient dog breeds in the world still existing. History says that they were mainly kept in the Buddhist temples and monasteries for the security. They are very protective in nature and can do everything to protect their owner.



4. Poodle: Though poodle doesn’t look like a bear in their adult age, but when they are very young they almost look like teddy bears and that’s the reason we have included this name in the list. They have a curly coat all over the body. The poodles are very skillful and can be engaged in a various type of dog sports.



5. Golden Doodle: Yes we should say that it is one of the most popular designer dog breed. It is actually a cross breed between Golden Retriever and Poodle. During the previous times, it was bred in Australia and North America. They are mainly used as guide dogs. Golden Doodle is very easy to train and are very intelligent in nature.



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