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65 Great Examples of Sea Turtle Tattoos with Meanings

The turtle is an exceptional being due to its ability to navigate on land and water. What is more the turtle also has a really long life. The hard shell that is on its back is almost like it has an abode on its back and this makes it even more exceptional. When you consider all these facts together, there is no wonder that turtles are revered in many cultures. In the tattoo world the turtle is seen as having strength, lot of stability and also stamina.  Since the turtle has so much to do with the sea and the ocean it is no wonder that in the tattoo world, it is sought after in cultures that are near the sea.

sea turtle tatoo (18)

Some of the mythology associated with turtles and there by turtle tattoos are:

1. It is seen as an entity that protects the people while they travel on the sea in Japanese culture.


2. It is viewed as a golden god that comes to the rescue when people are in trouble among the Vietnamese.

sea turtle tatoo (3)

3. The Africans consider the turtle as somewhat of a trickster.

sea turtle tatoo (13)

4. In certain tales of Indian mythology, the turtle is known to have carried the burden of the whole world on its back.

sea turtle tatoo

5. The same kind of myth also exists in the North American areas.

sea turtle tatoo (27)

The sea turtle tattoos are shown in many ways in the tattoo world. Sometimes you will come across sea turtle tattoos in its natural surroundings like the sea and other associated elements. Anyway you see it whether from the mythology point of view or from the versatility, the long life and the way the turtle manages the transition from earth to water and back, there are plenty of inspirational things about the turtle. Then is it any wonder that people who go for tattoos, look at these gentle yet strong creatures as one of the possibilities?

Different animals tattoo symbols have different meaning . The turtle has the ability to reproduce in huge quantities, making it a symbol for fertility; it lives a long life, endowing with the symbolism of immortality. Among the other characteristics, the turtle is seen as being determined (remember the race with the rabbit, which the turtle won?), the shell ensures a kind of protection and stability. The knack of the turtle to return home no matter what endows it with the quality of having fidelity and loyalty. What more could you ask for?

Pictures Of Sea Turtle Tattoos with Meanings

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sea turtle tatoo (2)

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