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20 The Most Expensive Dog Breeds in The World

Dogs are the most loved pet animals and there are several reasons for that. No other animal can prove to be such wonderful companions like the dogs are. When it comes to talking about the prices of different dog breeds, there are varieties from the cheapest one to the most expensive one. There are different factors which make a breed more expensive than the other. So why not concentrate upon some most expensive dog breeds in the world in this article? We are sure you will surely love to know about them. And some of them are so expensive that you are not even expecting them to be so pricey. So let see which are those breeds making places in today’s article.

The Most Expensive Dog Breeds:

1. Chow chow:

This dog breed is originally from China and it can fetch between $3,000 and $9,000. They are so much expensive because they are truly a unique breed and their lion-like appearance really make them a majestic animal. Though categorized as a dangerous dog breed they are famous for their loyalty toward their owner.

2. Pharaoh Hound:

They have nothing to do with Egypt and Pharaohs but according to a myth, they have descended from the Tesam, an ancient Egyptian hunting dog. Whatever the reality is, the fact is that they are priced between $3,000 and $7,000 and they are intelligent, fine jumpers and one of the most handsome dog breeds and thus they completely deserve to be such expensive.

3. Akita:

Japanese Akita sells for a minimum of $3,500. Remember that loyal dog from the movie Hachi: A Dog’s Tale? That dog is none other than an Akita breed. Akitas are large spitz and very affectionate towards the master. Deserve to be on this list.

4. Tibetan Mastiff:

This giant dog breed originates from Tibet, China, Nepal and Central Asia. And they are significantly expensive. Their price ranges between $5,000 and $9,000.

5. German Shepherd:

They are intelligent and strong. This dog sells for a minimum of $6,500. Mainly bred for guarding purpose, this dog is very useful for the police, guards. A very good rescue dog as well.

6. Samoyed:

They are cute and make very good companionship with children and old people as well. These dogs are originally from Siberia and range between $6,500 to $12,000.

7. Canadian Eskimo dog:

Listed as one of North America’s oldest and rarest purebred domestic canines, these dogs are very expensive to be bought as pets. They cost as high as $6,000

8. Chinese Crested Hairless:

Their appearance is so very unique. They have hair on the only tail, foot, and head. Their body coat has no hair at all. This exotic dog breed costs around $5,000.

9. Lowchen:

They are one of the rarest and unique dog breeds of the world. Their minimum selling price is around $7,000 and they are very cute in their appearance. They are also named as Little Lion Dog or Toy Dog.

10. Rottweiler:

They are famous for being a good company to the military and police. They are also very loyal and good option as a pet dog. This large dog breed sells for a minimum of $7,000.

11. Bedlington terrier:

This is a medium purebred dog which sells for around $1,500. They are affectionate and are a very good companion for the children. And they will melt your heart by their cute look.

12. Saint Bernard:

Though they are unpredictable by nature and are difficult to train yet this Alpine Mastiff breed is famous for being expensive. Average puppy price is around $1,500. Their large size and huge appearance make sense, I guess.

13. Cane Corso:

Cane Corso puppy costs around $1,500- $4,000 and hence they are one of the most expensive dog breeds for sure. They are cheerful but need proper handling and firm discipline.

14. Irish Wolfhound:

They are loyal to owners and friendly to strangers. Giant by the size this dog is a purebred. Average puppy price is around $1,900.

15. Landseer:

They are playful, funny and active. A Landseer puppy will sale for around $2,000. They are an owner’s delight and they are full of love and affection.

16. Black Russian Terrier:

You have to invest around $2,000 if are willing to buy one Black Russian Terrier. But they are very good as a pet dog and mix well with children and adults as well.

17. Portuguese Water Dog:

They are classified as the working dogs. And for more added information, they are now more famous as they are the chosen breed of the former U.S president Barack Obama, who has two of them. One puppy costs around $2,500.

18. Dogo Argentino:

They are brave, muscular and fearsome if not properly trained. They cost around $3,900 as a puppy.

19. English bulldog:

They are priced as high as $3,000. Not only that, their maintenance cost is much high as well. They have certain health issues which will make the medical bills higher as well.

20. Kerry Blue Terrier:

They are multi- talented but they will make a hole in your pocket as they are so much expensive. But the investment is worthy as they make good companionship, they are easy to train and they have affectionate personalities.

Dogs are the man’s best friends. But some of the breeds are so much expensive that you cannot even afford to buy them. Some wonderful looking breeds like Akita, Canadian Eskimo Dogs, and Samoyed are so adorable to look at but certain reasons make them very expensive. The basic reason for which a breed gets expensive is that if the breed is a purebred. Other reasons include their availability or body sizes or purposes they serve. There are some lap dogs like cavalier King Charles spaniel, Havanese, and Maltese which are so very expensive. Another very strong reason for this high price is certain health issues like in the case of English bulldog. So these were the most expensive dog breeds in the world and you are free to choose from them if you were just looking for one breed to buy.