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For you, a pet may be just a part of your life, but for your pet, you are his/her entire life. Have you ever thought about that? We are sure, you did, because the love you share with your pet is just out of the world. The bond you share with your pet cannot be defined nor can it be compared to anyone else in the world.

You have laughed at the innocence of your dog, you have rejoiced at the birth of the babies of your pet and you have cried immensely at the demise of your pet too! We, at Tailandfur.com, know the compassion between an owner and the pet and that’s what the website is all about. While we bring in some awesome tips and advices related to animals, we also bring forth some awesome blogs that will make you feel good about your pet.


Everybody has a motto in their life, and so does Tail & Fur. Our team, is dedicated and brings to the table some of the best blogs when it comes to pets – we cover everything related to them – their health, their houses, how to keep them busy so on, and on and on. Apart from pets, we also focus on wildlife, for all those animal lovers, because for such people, animals are very close to the heart – be it pets or wild animals, who because of their nature, cannot be tamed.
Our team also lays a lot of emphasis on photography – to awe you away with some awesome photography skills, we talk a lot about amazing bird and animal photography.


Wouldn’t it be awesome if you could have something new every one hour? But, we believe in maintaining a certain level quality in our articles and to come up with amazing and well researched content, our writers need some time. That is why, we, on an average, publish approximately 15 to 25 articles in a month. Though, we don’t post one or two articles per day, but trust us, the articles are worth the wait! The information we provide through the blogs and articles at Tail & Fur is well researched and contains complete and genuine information. We believe in high quality content and only well-researched and good quality content get published on our website.


Why just talk about one topic, when our love for animals and pets is immense. I know time can fall short when it comes to this genre, so that is why we have lots of categories to cover:

Nature: This category is a huge ocean, and it is never enough to cover everything about this natural creation of God. For all the nature lovers out there, we have immense articles about everything related to nature – Birds, wildlife, animal stories, animals captured through lenses and lot more! We also have some amazing articles on tattoos that are inspired by real life animals and pets. Someday, if you want to just adore your pet, hover over our ‘cute’ category and have a look at some awesome articles!

Pets: Gear up all pet lovers, because we have so much to talk about them. Food, health, entertainment, emotions – while pets cannot speak in a language that humans understand, there is an unsaid bond between a master and a pet, and that’s what we cover here, through our blogs. From their food to shelter and to gifting ideas for your pets, we have not left a single topic uncovered. Dogs, Cats and horses are our main focus but we do have loads of other articles on pets in general too.

Health: When a human’s health is so important, so is the health of a pet. We know that you cannot run to a veteran at all times, and that it why, we have a separate section that concentrates on health tips for about almost all animals. We have articles that help you identify some health issues while lot of the articles focus on what to do and what NOT to do to keep your animal healthy at all times.

Dog Love Calculator: Does this section, even need an introduction? While you can show your dog how much you love them and you tell it to them all the time, your poor dog just cannot put it in words – how much ever they bark, you just cannot understand. And that is why, for all those people who crave to listen to the love their dog has for them, we have this special category for them – the love calculator! This will tell you, how much your dog loves you! Just click on the love calculator, and answer some simple questions related to your dog! By answering 10 simple questions, you will know how much your dog loves you.


As of now, the answer is NO! While we don’t sell anything through our website, we suggest the best, and bring to you some genuine facts and information when it is related to animals! Thus, as of today, we do offer anything for sale directly through our website. However, because we have well researched articles and we know the topic in and out, you can always reach out to us, if you would like to own something that we have covered in our blogs or if you would want to know more information about what have in our blogs. Write to us, and we will guide throughout! 

How do We Generate Money?

Wondering how do we gain our revenues without any sales? Well, not everything needs to be sold! While we offer amazing content on things that people love, we are able generate our income by producing the best user experience. For us, after Enthusiasm, Money is definitely the fuel to run a blog. We use advertisements, paid product reviews and sponsored posts & links to generate most of the revenue.


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Till then, keep loving your pets, take care of them, just like they take care of you in their own special way! While you do this, don’t forget to read our blogs and let us know what else you would like to see! While you are doing all of this, don’t forget to see how much your dog loves you. Once you have the scores, run to your dog and just cuddle them! Let them wonder why!