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45 Amazing Pictures Of Big Dogs

Dogs are creatures that are held close to the heart by people who love them. In fact it would be safe to say that most people love dogs even if they do not own one as a pet. It is the nature of this animal along with their uninhibited affection and absolute loyalty that makes them a pet that everybody would like to have. It is then no surprise at all that dogs are often described as a man’s best friend. They can be that.
However, when we say dogs we mean the whole lot of them belonging to different breeds. Dogs come in all sizes from really tiny ones to really big ones and all sizes in between. There is a big divide even among dog lovers as to which type of dog is best, with some arguing that small dogs are best and with many arguing that it is better to have a big dog. You have to admit that there is something about a big dog that is quite fascinating. They are such gentle and loving creatures but the size of a big dog can be quite intimidating. They look awesome though.

Alaskan Malamute

big dogs (3)
Some dogs can grow to be quite big and have even been equated to being the size of a calf or a small pony. The only thing about keeping a dog that is bigger in size is that you should be ready to provide the right kind of sustenance as is required by its size and also space for the dog to move about and get enough exercise. Even among bigger size dogs, you will see many different types. Like some dogs are huge in girth but may not be that tall. While there are some dog breeds where the dog grows to be tall but may be on the leaner side. While some big dogs are tall and also have ample girth and this can make them seem really overwhelming.

Belgian Malinois

big dogs (7)
As you can see from the images provided here, that big dogs are bred for many purposes that are both practical and defense oriented. Many breed of dogs are used for hunting, some are used for tracking and rescue work while are trained to be detectives. Big dogs can also possess qualities like intelligence and hunting skills that make them invaluable in terrain where things are tough. In cold areas, dogs are even used for pulling sleds.

Pictures of Big Dogs

Afghan Hound

big dogs (1)

Airedale Terrier

big dogs (2)

Black and Tan Coonhound

big dogs (4)

Anatolian Shepherd Dog

big dogs (5)


big dogs (6)

Belgian Sheepdog

big dogs (8)

Belgian Tervuren

big dogs (9)

Bernese Mountain Dog

big dogs (10)

American fox hound

big dogs (11)


big dogs (12)


big dogs (13)


big dogs (14)

Chesapeake Bay Retriever

big dogs (15)


big dogs (16)

Curly coated retriever

big dogs (17)


big dogs (18)

Doberman Pinscher

big dogs (19)

English Setter

big dogs (20)

German Shepherd Dog

big dogs (21)

German Shorthaired Pointer

big dogs (22)

German Wirehaired Pointer

big dogs (23)

Giant Schnauzer

big dogs (24)

Golden retriever

big dogs (25)

Gordon Setter

big dogs (26)


big dogs (27)

Ibizan Hound

big dogs (28)

Irish Setter

big dogs (29)

Irish Water Spaniel

big dogs (30)


big dogs (31)

Labrador Retrieve

big dogs (32)

Old English Sheepdog

big dogs (33)


big dogs (34)


big dogs (35)


big dogs (36)

Rhodesian Ridgeback

big dogs (37)


big dogs (38)


big dogs (39)

Spinone Italiano

big dogs (40)

Standard Poodle

big dogs (41)


big dogs (42)


big dogs (43)