Top 9 Best Pet Birds for Kids

Budgies: Budgies is also a pet parrot mainly found in Australia. Normally it is a bit smaller than the regular parrots and that’s the reason they are known as ‘Parakeets’. This is actually good for little older children as if your kid is not very gentle, the bird may get injured. The volume level is very low and some can even talk like
humans. It will frequently need veterinary check-up and daily foods and water for their habitat. The cage should be a bit big for them to move inside it and cleaning of the cage is also very essential. A budgie can live up to 15 years on an average.

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Peach Faced Lovebird: This is a small parrot which is quiet challenging as pets. It can live up to 20 years and so think about that. Keeping a pet for 20 long years in your home is not so easy. This parrot comes in different color mutations and is very energetic in nature. You keep this bird in notice all the time as they can engage them in various messes. This lovebird is normally smaller than the larger parrots we recommend that before bringing them in your home, read something about the nature of the bird.

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Pacific Parrot let: This small parrot is also suitable for little older children. They are very small and about 5 inches. They will obviously need a big cage and some toys for playing. They are very expensive and are not readily available all the time. Remember that this bird is a bit fearless in nature so you have to control the aggressiveness.

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Goldie’s Lorikeet: This is a very curious and chatty bird and has a lower noise level. They will always need some nectar in their regular diet and so you will have to know about their requirements. They are also very costly and not easily available. It can live up to seven years on an average.

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