18 Biggest Dogs in the World and Their Guinness World Records

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No, don’t get afraid, as they are really very gentle. This large dog belongs to Leonberger breed and is really a giant. If you can train them well, they are very social maybe whatever their size is.A mature Leonberger heights range is 70-80cm.As the name suggests, this large breed of dog from the fact that it comes from the city of Leonberg. This breed is a mountainous one and possesses a muscular build, which is elegant and balanced. The dog will have a distinctive build according to its gender with the males being masculine and females being feminine. It is counted as one of the strongest breed of dogs in the world. This large breed of dog also happens to be a family dog and can be sensitive to the needs of the many members of the family.

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Leonberger may be your favorite giant pet but you know well that they shed a lot at least two times a year. The problem is the quantity of shedding is also large as their size. Some owners really face a lot of problem during this time.

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St. Bernard

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You can easily say it as a dog bed by seeing this image. This is a St. Bernard with a large size. This breed of dog was actually bred as working dogs, but with time they became good companions of human.The the average weight of the breed is between 65 and 120 kg and approximate height is 70-90cm.

This large breed of dog is definitely a working dog used as a rescue dog in the snowy slopes of the Alps. It is also considered one of the most dangerous dog breeds due to the very thing that makes it such a good rescue dog—its size! But you know, it is a gentle giant which can be calm and patient with grownups as well as kids. But you need to be very diligent about training and socializing the dog to ensure that it does not get the usual qualities of aggressiveness of larger dogs.

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This St. Bernard is a real pet as this picture says. See how he is playing with his owner. St. Bernards are very gentle with children and are known to be quite sensitive.

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Irish Wolfhound Best Big Dog Breed


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Wow! Now it’s a really uncommon breed of dog. Can you recognize it? It’s an Irish wolfhound. May be the size is too big but this dog is really very gentle and noble in nature. This breed has their great name as guard dogs.The minimum height of this breed is 32 inches and minimum weight is 55kg.

You will find the Irish wolfhound in the types of large dog breeds with pictures because though it is light, it is large in size. Unlike many other breeds of dogs, you cannot generalize the disposition of this large breed because they are noted for having different quirks and individual qualities. But you can rest assured, that is not a mindless dog which is destructive for no reason at all. It is an intelligent and introverted breed that can have a good bond with the family depending on the conditioning.

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Yes, it’s surely going to be a problem when you have a big dog like this. See how this dog sitting at the back of a car and also you will need a big car to carry them. Think about the amount of diet they need to survive.

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Great Dane is a dog of German descent, and see how active they are. Keep your foods away as it is not a big job for them to find it.

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Meet Freddy, the biggest dog of Britain. He measures about 7 feet tall and the most amazing thing is that he is only 18 months old. And you can easily get that this is a Great Dane.

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Caucasian Shepherd

Dog which is very popular in Russia, Armenia, Gerogia etc. is a strongly boned muscular dog which grow very big as you can see in this image.

English Mastiff


Maybe you are fascinated about the big dogs and so you should know that English Mastiff is one of the Largest Dog Breeds in the World. You will just get amazed by seeing the Size of this dog breed.

Back in medieval England, this breed was famous for being reliable guardians, courageous war dogs, and resilient game hunters. With proper training, a British Mastiff easily transforms into a docile family companion and an attentive family protector. Just make sure you have enough love to spare, as this giant breed can reach up to 36 inches tall and over 240 pounds heavy.

This breed is a good one but a bit cumbersome given its huge size, which means that it needs care when it comes to exercise and diet. However, for the first few years of this dog’s life, you should not let it run too much. You should also note that this breed comes under the top 20 stinkiest dog breeds due to their long fur and habit of drooling. This means a little extra care would be required.

Scottish Deerhound

Scottish Deerhound is a breed of dog once bred to hunt the red deer. Scots and Pits, a tribe of United Kingdom once kept this dog with them.

Although people often mistake them for Greyhounds, the Scottish Deerhound is a class on its own. We know them as gentle, friendly, and docile, but this breed was once notorious for its role as deer hunters. Males can grow as heavy as 110 pounds and 32 inches tall. Even so, you can see them going as fast as 28 miles per hour.

This Extra Large Dog Breed is characterized by its small head and often it is considered one of the beautiful red colored animals in the world. Though you should know that it comes in many other colors as well. It is a gentle and friendly dog and has a dignified personality. However, we caution you that you should exercise them well especially in their younger age to ensure that they do not become destructive.

Black Russian Terrier

When you combine the largest dog breeds such as the Newfoundland, Airedale Terrier, and a Giant Schnauzer, what do you get? A Black Russian Terrier.

As the name suggests, the Russians created this mixed breed for the military back in 1930. They can weigh up to 140 pounds, so we don’t recommend them to beginner pet owners. These dogs also have double coats, so you will want to keep them away from warmer climates.

Great Pyrenees

As you probably know already, this breed originates from the Pyrenees Mountains, where they were used as reliable sheep guardians. What sets it apart is its coat, which is not only double but also waterproof. This characteristic is what made it endure the rough conditions of the mountains.

Like other giant family dogs, today, we know the Great Pyrenees as excellent family dogs that are patient, affectionate, and gentle. The key is making sure you have enough space in your home for them, as they can grow as big as 100 pounds.

Caucasian Shepherd Dog

Like the Great Pyrenees, this breed was also used as guardians of livestock. And it’s not surprising. Even with its immense size, this dominant dog breed is quick and alert on its feet. This giant breed can grow heavier than humans at upwards of 200 pounds.

Caucasian Shepherd Dogs can get intense and stubborn. After all, their ancestors from 600 years ago were bred for hunting bears. Because of this, this giant dog breed is not recommended for inexperienced pet owners.

Cane Corso (Italian Mastiff)

Interested in ancient breeds? Check out Italian Mastiffs. Going all the way back to Roman times, these loyal and alert muscular dogs were among the most trusted guardians of many households. Males can be as tall as 28 inches and weigh over 100 pounds, so any intruder is sure to get intimated.


Leonbergers hail from Germany and are one of the well-loved family pets of King Edward VII. Even with their larger-than-life body size, they are loyal and loving companions for families with kids. They are friendly and patient but can also be protective of their human family, making them excellent watchdogs.

Leonbergers can stand up to 31.5 inches for males and 29.5 inches for females. You can find them in different colors, like yellow, sandy, red, and mahogany.

Greater Swiss Mountain Dog

Sometimes called “Swissies,” these good-natured and protective gentle giants are among the most dependable family dogs you will ever come across. There is no denying their immense size, too, with males growing as heavy as 150 pounds and 28 inches tall.

Despite their intimidating size, this dog breed enjoys spending time with its human family and is very playful and energetic.

Dogue de Bordeaux

Like the Tibetan Mastiff, the Dogue de Bordeaux is among the Mastiff breeds loved by millions of people. Also known as the French Mastiff, it is a giant breed that is no stranger to hard work. In the past, this breed worked all day transporting goods and guarding farm animals. Today, we know it as Tom Hanks’ co-star in the movie Turner and Hooch.

After spending some time with these really giant dogs, now probably you are thinking about weighing your pet, once again. Yes it’s not impossible they may easily get included in this list very soon. And of course, if you have a particularly big pup yourself and need to find modern dog doors big enough for him or her to stroll in and out, we recommend checking out the link.

If you are thinking of a pet, which is one among the Biggest Dog Breeds in the World, ensure that you have a residence and vehicle that can take it.


Larger breeds of dogs are not only the best companion to snuggle up with but also someone you can rely on to protect you and stay loyal to you. The key is making sure you socialize them from a young age, give them proper behavioral and obedience training, and, of course, love them unconditionally.