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10 Breed Names For Dogs with Big Ears

6. English Cocker Spaniel: This active dog breed from the Spaniel family is again an example of dogs with long ears. They are well known as ‘working’ dogs.

They can be taken as lovely companions for their playful and cheerful nature.



This compactly built dog is also of an amiable nature and tends to be sporting in nature. The slightly longer lifespan of this breed means that you will be taking care of the health issues that go with a slightly longer lifespan.

Which is why you should be well-versed in how to give your cat or dog a pill as the case may be. It is an investment that will pay back really well given the kind and compassionate nature of this breed of dog.

7. Irish setter: This dog belongs to the Gundog breed. They have long and silky ears of chestnut color which is same to the color of their body coat. Though they are hunting breeds yet they make good companionship with children and they are ever enthusiastic to meet new visitors.


The Irish setter though awesome to have as a house pet may be a bit difficult to handle around smaller sized animals due to their hunting instinct.

Which is why you have to learn how to train your dog to walk politely with you and not attack other dogs or pets that are being taken for walks.

You also have to ensure that the children in your home are a little grown up when you get this dog as a pet.

8. Gordon Setter: Belonging to the Setter family this Gundog is widely used to hunt game birds. They have coal black coat with long, silky and furry ears. This alert and intelligent breed is very loyal to its master.



This dog is one that you will find is hardy enough to stand the rigors of training that you want to put it through, which can be a good thing. Gordon setters are bred to move about a lot and would require you to take them out for vigorous exercise sessions of more than an hour at a time.

Because of their inquisitive nature, you will need to train them not stray the course and also learn how to train your dog not to chew his bed.

9. Poodle: This smart dog can overwhelm anyone with their cuteness. This breed is the second intelligent dog breed after Border Collie. This active, elegant and agile dog breed has long, furry, white ears that are very famous among the dog show lovers.

If you love Puppies then Pictures of poodle puppies will make your day.


Though this breed of dog has gotten a bad reputation because of the way people tend to do its hair in a frivolous manner, it is a dog with a serious reputation for hunting purposes. Combined with their swimming skills, intelligence, and hunting instincts, the poodle responds very well to specific commands.

While we are on the subject of this lovely dog breed, we feel you should also explore cool ideas of dog photography with examples.

10. Dachshund: This little dog with big ears is native to Germany. This short-legged, long-bodied dog breed has long and oily ears.

They are very popular sports dogs and they are the most popular dogs in The United States.

They are aggressive to the strangers and other dogs and might not be a good companion to the children but yes they are cute and droopy eared which is surely going to make you in love with them. No one shall miss a chance to check these amazing dachshunds pictures.



Literally meaning a combination of badger and dog in German, this dog is also sometimes called the wiener dog due to their long and narrow body type.

Their deep chest provides them with a good lung capacity and their skin is just right for tunneling in tight burrows when they chase their prey.

While most dogs are good about learning what pleases their masters, don’t you think you should learn about things that dogs don’t like that you are doing?

If you go and check the soft toy dogs’ rack at any shopping mall or if you look at the cartoon dog characters you will end up finding most of them have long, droopy and curly ears.

Actually, long ears make the dog’s face appear more appealing and cute.

But the droopy-eared dogs are more prone to ear infections because they have more bacteria accumulation in their ears. So if you decide to have any long-eared buddy as your pet make sure that you take proper care of their ears. Oh, and if you’re looking for pet names for your big-ear pooch, check out Pet Names Place. That’s all folks!