Bug Bite Identification and Treatments

Bed bugs are one of the irritating insects. They are mainly known to be blood sucking parasites feeding themselves on mammals and birds. Some of their species are recognized for human infestations. Bed bugs feed on blood as their main source of nutrition. An immature bed bug at least once feed them with blood for maturation. A female bed bug uses this procedure to produce eggs. The main cause of attraction towards human body is the warmth and carbon dioxide. Also due to lack of hygiene, they tries to feed on bloods may be its human or any other mammals. They are normally very small in size on an average of 4-5 millimeter and reddish brown in colour. Immature bed bug may be slight a bit transparent. But no need to worry from blood transmitted diseases. No such examples of transmitted disease have been spotted till now.

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Bug Bite Identification and Treatments


Actually the symptom varies from man to man. Some develop itching, while some can get red welts with swelling, some are spotted with red spots all over the body and even some catches chronic allergies. In some individual it leaves no marks and remains unnoticed. Other symptoms like Psychological disorders, Insomnia, Poor work performance etc can also be noticed. Very often it has been seen that some diagnose it as scabies, Chicken pox, spider bites, mosquito bites or severe bacterial skin infections due to confusions. But the bed bug bites can be differentiated as they form a line of bites and very rarely they bite on armpits or behind the knee. Beg bugs pierce human skin with their elongated beaks and then injects their saliva which contains anticoagulants and an aesthetics. This is the main cause that bug bites are initially not painful.

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Bed bugs bites normally appear in tight multiple lines of small red marks like other insect bites. It can cause itchiness. The victim may feel a slight burning sensation. The burnt spot then develops red bumps like papules or rashes. Dramatically it changes into blister like skin inflammation. Always avoid scratching the affected area. Because it can result in severe infection.


After the Bed bug bites are diagnosed. The first step of treatment is to prevent the victim from getting repeatedly bitten. Normally no such medication is needed at first until and unless it gets severe condition. It gets resolved automatically within one or two weeks. In some cases if it gets very serious condition, immediately try to consult a Dermatologist. A good dermatologist can treat according to the victim’s symptoms. But be careful as I have told earlier, many such dermatologists often misdiagnose these bites.

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The only way to prevent bed bug bites is to eradicate these insects from your home. Although it is a quite difficult process to eradicate them as firstly you have to find out the places where these bed bugs are really living. They can settle anywhere in your bed, comforter, sofa, mattress, curtain, clothing, pillows, furniture, or even electrical outlets or in your pet’s fur. It is very hard to find them in case of smaller infestations. But remember to get rid of these ridiculous bites you have to find them out. Otherwise they will repeatedly bite you. There are some regular preventive measures to get rid of them. Try out some pesticides or non pesticide approaches on your home and workplace both. Some pesticides like Pyrethroids, Malathion and Dichlorvos are found very effective and useful. If you have some negative health effects from the use of pesticides, then try out Vacuuming up insects, heat treating and wrapping up of mattress. This can help you out. Bed bugs bites can be a great nuisance if not treated well.

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