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20 Comfy and Classy Whelping Box Ideas

As you can already get a conceptions by seeing the pictures given as ideas, but still we will discuss here about the structure so that you can make it on your own. First of all you should make the measurement of the whelping box according to the size of your dog. It is very necessary as the dog has to be comfortable in that place. Also there should some kind of pad on the floor to make it more comfortable as your dog will be spending most of the time there during her pregnancy period. It should be large enough so that the dog and its pups can lie and stretch their body inside it. After giving birth to the babies, the mother dog will also start nursing each of her pups and that should be done inside it without any obstacle. But at the end you should also remember that the box shouldn’t be too big as this may result in getting the puppy pushed away from the mother and become chilled and die. Newborn puppies always need the heat of their mother to survive and that’s very essential.

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There are various types of ideas that you can go with in case of whelping box ideas. It is very easy to make up a whelping box at home but that will actually need some DIY sense. Here are some objects that you can use for your whelping box design. Cardboards are great to make out such boxes and they are also easily available in our home. Even if you buy cardboards, it will hardly cost you some bucks. So cardboards are really inexpensive. If you have an unused kiddie’s pool in your home, you can also use that for this purpose. They are very easy to clean and also you can also use them for a long time.

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But overall it’s the best idea to make one with your own hands. Making something for your loved pet is always a great experience. You will also make it with lots of care and also your pet will also feel special about it. You can think it as a gift to your pet from you where she will give birth to her babies. You can make it out of ply boards, woods and various other materials that you think suitable for it. Look for the ideas given here and that will help you out in this process. But remember a thing that you should have an experience of making such things previously; otherwise you may face different problems. You can take some help from your friend who also loves your pet. But look for some tutorials that will obviously help you to make it with some easy steps. So it’s going to be something special this time. Good bye.

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