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You all know that we talk about various different animals in our blogs. May be they are common or maybe they are rare but they do exist in our world. Tail and fur do study for all of them.

Like other articles, today, this article will feature some pictures of an animal that is regarded as one of the cutest animals of ocean. But there are actually very rare and presently they are in a big crisis of their life.

We are actually talking about the Sea otters. Ohh! Really this funny creature makes our time a special one. So just spend some time with this article and get a good mood.

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Here is a baby otter that seems to be enjoying its time resting on top of its mother’s belly.

As you will learn later on, baby otters can’t dive deep into the water because they are born with a lanugo coat that prevents them from sinking.

The mommy otter, of course, doesn’t want her baby to float away from her. That’s why she keeps her pup on her belly.

In some cases, mommy otters would even wrap their pups in kelp to prevent them from drifting away.

This way, the mom can dive into the water to look for food and, when she returns, her pup would still be in the same place.

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Cute Otter Pictures:

Here the article is mainly about pictures but in addition we will be giving you all some facts that you probably don’t know about otters. We hardly study a lot about this animal and so as a result we also don’t have enough knowledge about them. So know it’s time to educate yourself about them by going through this article and seeing their cute and funny pictures. So now we will start with some outstanding features about otters that will make you fascinated towards this animal.

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You know what they say, two heads is better than one. Well, that seems to be the case for a lot of otters.

They want to stay safe, and that means having a buddy with them at all times increases their likelihood of surviving.

It’s why otters prefer to hold hands while they are sleeping. This way, they don’t drift away from their group or suddenly wake up with no one around them.

That’s right; this behavior is actually a survival mechanism so that they don’t easily get preyed upon.

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The natural habitat of an otter varies from one species to another. However, most of them need to be close to fresh water to survive.

Of the the different species, only sea otters can survive even if they are away from fresh water, as long as they are near the sea.

Unlike other animals, sea otters can drink sea water. They have large kidneys that filters sea water to extract the fresh water and keep them hydrated.

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Sea Otter is an animal that was first discovered in 1751 by Georg Steller. They are the heaviest member of the weasel family with an average weight of about 99 lbs. There are 13 species of otters and most of them are on the endangered list. The population of otter is decreasing day by day and that is very unfortunate information for us. So it is our request to all the associations and governments all over the world to take some initiatives to save this beautiful animal. It has been found that the sea otter’s only marine predators are humans, killer whales and great white sharks.

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Despite its small body, an otter has one of the most efficient pair of lungs out there. In fact, an otter’s lung capacity is more than twice the capacity of a mammal of the same size.

Because of this, otters have been known to hold their breath for more than five minutes while hunting for food or running away from a prey.

River otters are even more impressive in holding their breath, going as long as eight minutes!

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Young pups are always energetic, so you might see them wrestling with each other. They’re not fighting but actually playing.

Young otters would often play and learn social cues from each other to understand how to be an otter in the wild. That’s how they spend most of their days.

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Sea otters are seen diving under the water for food and hunting but actually the new born pups can’t sink or dive under water. A very interesting fact about these animals is that they have pockets under their arms and that is natural. Sea otter is also the only marine mammal animal without a layer of blubber or fat. But the teeth of the otters are strong enough to bite through the spines of a Sea Urchin. Now you will just get amazed to know that a wild sea otter eat 25% or more of their body weight a day. That is almost equal to 12 pounds of sea food.

Do you know that Zoroastrians thought that otters are the dogs of the sea and they always helped keeping the water purified. Even Zoroastrians had strict rules forbidding the killing of otters. So it can be surely guessed out that Zoroastrians thought that otters are a sacred animal. Now in the whole animal kingdom, they have the thickest fur of any mammal. Otters have almost 1 million hairs per square inch. Now the most interesting fact that will really amaze you is that otters are one of the few animals that use tools. They mainly use rocks but also seen using soda bottles and also cement blocks.

What’s even more amazing is that sea otters are known to keep rocks or other stuff they believe will be useful in the future. Where do they keep them? Inside the pocket of skin under their arms!

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Who doesn’t love seeing a photo of an otter who appears to be in euphoria while holding its face between its hands?

This behavior is actually for grooming.

As mentioned, otters have extremely dense fur, which they need to keep themselves warm as they float in cold water.

By rubbing and cleaning their faces, otters allow their fur to maintain its waterproofing abilities. A clean and healthy fur actually prevents their skin from getting wet.

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Here is a pup that appears to be praying, although there’s a pretty good chance that it isn’t. One possible explanation for this is that this otter is cleaning or drying its hands.

Otters are known for grooming different parts of their bodies, so they try to keep their hands as clean as possible.

On the other hand, this otter may actually be trying to hold a small rock between its palms, which is what happened in one of the most popular “praying otter” photographs out there.

Then again, who’s to say that otters don’t pray for more fish, right?

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Can otters be domesticated or kept as pets?

It is possible to befriend an otter. That’s how marine mammal trainers stay safe in various otter aquariums around the world.

However, you have to keep in mind that your home is not their natural habitat.

Otters are very active and social. If you keep them in solitude, they can become extremely sad, especially because they are away from their families and friends.

Moreover, otters like to keep themselves entertained, and keeping them in your home can bring them a lot of stress.

As a result, they can become destructive and more aggressive.

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This very cute otter seems to be waving at the camera for a cute picture! That said, you should not let their cute and cuddly behavior fool you.

At the end of the day, otters are carnivores and wild animals. Therefore, they are not friendly to humans, let alone strangers.

Otters can be extremely aggressive and dangerous, especially if their food and water source are scarce.

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So sea otters are really something very interesting but hardly we all know about these facts about them. There are also many interesting facts about this cute and funny animal but actually we just mentioned only the selected ones. If possible we will bring out another article that will completely deal with more amazing facts about otter but till then keep enjoying the pictures of this amazing creature. They are really cute, funny and a special one. Lastly, otters are great.