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Is Kratom Safe for Dogs? Here’s What You Need To Know

Good news for all the heavy-petters and dog-owners – now you can administer Kratom to your dogs . Kratom is a tropical herb that predominantly hails from southeastern Asian countries like Thailand, Malaysia and Indonesia. The herb, which comes from the coffee family, now has a status of a healing substance, offering a host of benefits to pets.  It is well known to help pets who with suffer from hip pain, injuries, lack of energy, joint pain, muscle pain, and anxiety disorders.

Though many veterinarians and pet owners support the use of Kratom, it’s  important to note that Kratom must be administered in low quantities for pets, without which the condition of digestive mobility can arise.

What does Kratom do?

Kratom is considered to be one of the most potent analgesics for the dogs. One of the most effective advantages of using Kratom for dogs is that it helps to reduce the pain that dogs generally experience, thereby alleviating their suffering. Apart from this, Kratom can also act as an energy stimulant. At the same time, Kratom can also become a sedative if taken in larger doses, so always consult with your vet before administrating.

Believe it or not, Kratom is totally organic in nature, hence it comes free from all kinds of chemicals.

How do dogs recover after Kratom?

If your dog is suffering from severe pain, Kratom can be a great remedy. This product comprises of an ingredient known as mitragynine. This ingredient helps to serve as a medicine drug such as codeine and morphine that is used to relieve all kinds of pain in dogs. People make use of Kratom for coughs, depression, anxiety, and various other disorders as well. According to several studies, dogs specifically show improvement with the use of Kratom as opposed to different other pets.

Kratom for dogs is available in a number of types. Pills, powders, etc. are being made out of this product which you can easily administer to your dog. While searching for the best Kratom products for your pets, you can look for reputed brands like Kratom Crazy which sells Kratom products online at competitive prices.

Benefits of Kratom for dogs:

As stated earlier, Kratom for dogs come with a number of benefits. Below listed are a few of them

1. Relieves chronic pain

With age, dogs develop the problem of inflammation which makes it hard for them to walk. The result is that dogs can suffer from chronic pain which eventually makes their walk weaker and slower. Kratom benefits these dogs to get back to their strength and to feel fit again

2. Research suggests it could fight cancer

Cancer is not just limited to humans but develops in animals as well. Dogs, too, suffer from this fatal disease. In order to avoid the probabilities of cancer in dogs, Kratom could act as an agent. A number of researchers have done several studies on the topic which has proved that Kratom could help prevent the possibility of cancer in dogs.

3. Anti-anxiety medicine:

Anxiety is known to be a psychological condition which could lead to so much distress in the dogs. Kratom comes forth to act as an anti-anxiety medicine which assists the dogs in cheerfully surpassing their psychological conditions. Kratom acts as a strong pain-reliever

4. Increase in appetite:

Diet is considered as one of the most important factors which must be taken care of in the dogs. If you are feeding Kratom to your pets, you don’t need to worry about their hunger and appetite. Kratom contains all such properties which help to increase appetite in the dogs. Consequently, your dog eats well and grows healthy

5. Energy stimulant:

Dogs require a lot of energy in order to perform all their daily activities. Kratom for dogs doesn’t only act as a pain-relieving medicine but is equally powerful energy stimulant. As you keep administering Kratom to your aging dogs, they tend to get back the energy, thereby performing all the daily activities actively

6. Helps with arthritis:

Arthritis is known to be a horrendous disease in the dogs which affect their overall health and the pattern of walking and running. You would never want your dog to run improperly or to suffer from arthritis. Kratom being an influential pain reliever works effectively in healing all kinds of pains and other indications related to arthritis. With a regular dose of Kratom, the dogs surely overcome all the symptoms of arthritis after a while.


Regular use of Kratom can help dogs who are going through pain and other kinds of psychological traumas can certainly help, but always discuss administration with your vet first.