25 Most Dangerous Dog Breeds

9. American Bulldog:

Most dangerous dog breeds

They are confident, social and active dogs. They must be given proper training and attention at their early ages otherwise, they can be a mess as a family dog.

10. Chow Chow:

Most dangerous dog breeds

They are proud, independent and spirited. They are not at all a cuddle pup and can be called a
fiercely faithful companion. They are not good for the novice owners.

11. Wolf Hybrid:

Most dangerous dog breeds

This breed is a cross between Wolf and dog. So it inherits the wild characteristics of a wolf and thus it is dangerous and unpredictable in its behavior.

12. Tosa Inu:

Most dangerous dog breeds

Originally bred for fighting this dog is massive and hard to handle. Even it is legally restricted in some areas of the world to be kept as a pet.

13. American Bandogge:

Most dangerous dog breeds

If not kept under control this cross breed between American Pit Bull Terrier and Neapolitan Mastiff can prove to be a risky one due to its massive size and strong muscle mass.

14. Cane Corso:

Most dangerous dog breeds

They descended from a breed that was used during battles by the Romans. They are heavy, fearsome and very strong.

15. German Shepherd:

Most dangerous dog breeds

They are loyal and obedient. But this high energy dog should be trained properly from a very early age otherwise, can develop bad behaviors.

16. Boxer:

Most dangerous dog breeds

This is playful and fun to have as a companion. But if not kept properly in check can become over boastful which is dangerous for strangers and other small dogs.

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