25 Most Dangerous Dog Breeds

17. Dogo Argentino:

Most dangerous dog breeds

They have powerful jaws and muscular structures. Though they are not naturally aggressive toward men but if not treated properly can end up showing aggression.

18. Gull Dong:

Most dangerous dog breeds

They are notoriously known for their aggressive nature. Initially bred to be a fighting dog, they are hard to train and thus fit properly on our list.

19. Saint Bernard:

Most dangerous dog breeds

Their size is the main reason for concern. Originally this Alpine mountain dog was bred to rescue lost people in mountains. But they are not easily trainable and thus they are dangerous.

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20. Doberman Pinschers:

Most dangerous dog breeds

They are perfect as guard dogs. But their size and strength can prove to be fatal at times if they attack somebody. Dangerous indeed.

21. Great Dane:

Most dangerous dog breeds

They are so huge that if improperly cared for, they can become the notorious giants. This dog breed has always been in news for its fatality factor toward strangers.

22. Bullmastiff:

Most dangerous dog breeds

This large dog is an imposing animal and needs proper training to be under control.

23. Chinese Shar-Pei:

Most dangerous dog breeds

They are courageous and loyal but low-maintenance can make them restless and hence dangerous.

24. Akita Inu:

Most dangerous dog breeds

This Japanese mountain dog can prove to be aggressive toward strangers if not properly trained.

25. Fila Brasileiro:

Most dangerous dog breeds

Temperament is unpredictable and their size and strength make them dangerous. They are banned in many countries as well.

About 4.7 million people are bitten by dogs every year in the United States. And dog bite is bad enough to send a victim in search of proper medication. The above-listed dogs are the most dangerous dog breeds if not properly trained. Though Pitt Bull tops the list yet, any dog can prove to be dangerous under varied circumstances.

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