Nine Animals That Are Colored In Strange Hues

Here comes the pigs with tattoos

Yes you heard it right. Wim Delvoye has been putting tattoos on pigs from the 190s. This was apparently a project that was started in the Art Farm in China as there are lesser restrictions there with regard to the handling of animals than the west. In the year 2005 Danny Devos and Delvoye actually stayed several months in the farm while managing, rebuilding and reorganizing. The many tattoos here include the traditional like flags, lions to new age things like Louis Vuitton. Once the pigs are no more, the skin is taken and used to display the art.

Flamingo tongue snail

The flamingo tongue snail is quite colorful and resides in the Caribbean among the soft corals. The snail has a layer of mantle tissue that it uses to cover itself which is really colorful.

Rare pink Katydid

Normally you find that insects tend to meld into the background so that they can survive. It is this very characteristic that makes the pink katydid even more rare. They turn up at places like Osaka which is really nontropical. It has been speculated that their unique color is the result of the genetic condition erythrism which shows red coloring.

The Mandarin Duck

The Mandarin which is a medium size duck has a colorful looking male. They have red bill, a reddish face, a big white colored crescent above eye and whiskers along  with purple breast. What is more the flanks are ruddy and it also comes with orange sails in the back.

Panda dog

The Panda dog is the invention of Kensuke Hirakawa who is a beautician and also a former owner of a pet store. He found Colombo, a Maltese cross poodle that had been abandoned and that too after the tooth had been removed. Add to that the dog had a stiff hind leg and eyes that were stained with tears. The use of hair dye that was safe for Puppies  converted the dog to look like a panda bear. The addition of dark circles to the white dog under the eye, hind and front legs as well as strips on the back completed the transformation.

Atelopus frog

Also known as the clown frog, the Atelopes frog is a toad that is neotropical that could be found living in the Panama and Costa Rica. This is one strangely colored frog as you can see from the images.

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