10 Not to Ignore Reasons for Dog Hair Loss

dog hair loss

Hair loss is not only a common problem in humans it is also a common problem in animals also. Each and every pet lover wants to have a dog with long fur coat but the hair loss problem takes the place of the main obstacle. Actually there are many reasons for which dogs suffer from hair loss. Allergic reactions, genetic conditions, parasites etc are the main causes seen in this case. But here our main objective is to focus on the part of Dog hair loss and 10 not to ignore reasons about this matter. After all caring for your pet is your own responsibility.

Not to Ignore Reasons for Dog Hair Loss:

Canine and Feline Atopy (Allergy): Dogs are very prone to allergies. You will notice that dogs itching their body. This itching mainly causes the hair fall. In humans when you suffer from allergies, irritation takes place in nose and respiratory tract. But in case of dogs, the irritation takes place all over their skin. There is no such proper treatment for this disease but the only way to prevent is changing their environment regularly and keeping them in a clean place. Actually Canine and feline atopy is an inherited disease. It transform with generation. This disease is also responsible for bad odor from their body and in this case it’s better to consult with the veterinarians.

10 Not to Ignore Reasons for Dog Hair Loss 1

Pituitary Dwarfism: It occurs when your dog doesn’t develop at the rate that it supposed to be according to the age. This makes your dog not to lose its puppy coat and can consequently lead to extreme hair loss. When the pituitary gland fails to function or your dog could have a lack of certain hormones, hair loss is a common symptom.

10 Not to Ignore Reasons for Dog Hair Loss 2

Food allergies: Some pets are very allergic to foods. They have a cell on their skin that release histamine. The best way to treat this problem is to give them hypoallergenic trial diet and feed no treats. The best remedy is to prefer modified protein diets. The pet’s external hair coat is also the mirror of the health from where you can assume the health condition. So any type of diseases caused in any gland or organ reflects on the hair coat above. The only way to discover the disease is examination of blood test.

10 Not to Ignore Reasons for Dog Hair Loss 3

Ringworm: Although we say ring worm as a worm but it is a fungus. It is mainly transmitted by contact or through some objects. Ringworms are mainly circular and oval in shape. Often it is located in leg, ear or the face. But the animal remains silent carrier of the fungus. There are lots of treatment procedures by which it can be treated if examined well. And humans should be very careful as it also transfers in the humans.

10 Not to Ignore Reasons for Dog Hair Loss 4

Flea Associated Dermatitis: Flea associated dermatitis is mainly very usual in the United States. Even a single flea can be responsible for such disease. It is most common in dark haired pets. This type of dermatitis mainly takes place in the location under the tail and release a musty odor. Lot of flea control medicine is available in the market but it is better to ask the veterinarians about the medicine before using it.

10 Not to Ignore Reasons for Dog Hair Loss 5

Pyotraumatic Dermatitis: This is a very common problem in long haired breeds and commonly known as hot spots. But it is very rare in cats and mostly occurs in dogs. This causes severe itching problem and causes hair loss. The areas with hot spots are very painful and pet will often try to bite these places. There is nothing to worry as proper treatments can be made. There are many anti-inflammatory drugs available but generally antibiotics are not required.

10 Not to Ignore Reasons for Dog Hair Loss 6

Demodectic and Sarcoptic Mange: Demodectic mange is a disease caused in young dogs. This parasite living in the hair follicles of the skin starts to grow unlimitedly. This transforms genetically and forces the pet’s defensive cell to ignore the parasites. It doesn’t cause any itching but results in secondary bacterial infections. Mainly it is treated by Ivermectin but it is dangerous to use in certain types of dogs. While Sarcoptic mange is caused due to a transmissible mite that burrows through the layers of the pet’s skin. It passes from pet to pet through direct contact and contaminated bedding. Lots of medicines are used to treat sarcoptic mange.

10 Not to Ignore Reasons for Dog Hair Loss 7

Mutant Alopecia: Mutant alopecia mainly occurs at the age of 6 month in dogs. The dogs start to lose their fawn and blue colored hairs. It is a hereditary disease and mainly prone in Doberman, Greyhound and Great Danes.

10 Not to Ignore Reasons for Dog Hair Loss 8

Seborrhea: It is one of the genetic condition that can pre-dispose a dog to lose its fur. During this condition the sebaceous glands, hair follicles all become very hyper productive. Common signs are scratching, bad smell and oily skin. Most commonly it is seen in Springer Spaniel, West Highland and Cocker Spaniels.

10 Not to Ignore Reasons for Dog Hair Loss 9

Distractions: No matter what the circumstances, you should always keep your dog engaged in some activity. Actually pet dogs grow a habit of scratching and licking their body. This is not at all a good sign as well as good for health. It’s good to engage themselves with toys, chewing substances, walks, playing and other things.

10 Not to Ignore Reasons for Dog Hair Loss 10