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The Costs of Having a Pet Friend

cost of owing a pet

We all smile at the thought of having a furry friend. Yet at the same time, this involves a lot of expenses that go beyond basic pet amenities and food. So, it is best to think this through before adopting your pet. 

Indeed, having a pet is less costly than it is the case with having a child, but it is still costly. As soon as you took that pet home, it becomes your sole responsibility, meaning you need to get informed about veterinary costs and additional needs your pet might have depending on its breed.

Take my example. I had a dog almost half my life. And I got it as soon as I entered college due to my anxiety. Indeed, he was the best friend I ever had, and he managed to ease my restlessness each time. I truly loved my dog, and when he started to show aging signs, I was utterly upset. In the end, I had to take care of his expensive cancer treatment, which to be truthful, almost got me in financial distress. And don’t get me wrong. I would’ve done anything for his wellbeing. But for now, I don’t believe I will ever take upon the responsibility of having a pet.

Of course, I encourage anyone to try and adopt a pet, but to do it wisely. These furry friends can shower you with a lot of love, especially if you save them from distress. Yet at the same time, I consistently advise my friends to assess their financial status carefully. It is best to think ahead about how will you cover your pet’s medical needs and, in this case, the well-thought pet insurance plan will be one of the best things you can get. But if it’s quite hard for you to make a choice, you can always use to compare different companies and get the most appropriate pet insurance plan.

If you automatically dismiss this thought and you don’t want to face such distress, maybe you shouldn’t adopt a pet. I was startled when my vet told me I could give up on my pet when he was diagnosed with cancer. And this is all you need to know about how important a pet must be to you to consider adoption. Of course, maybe your pet won’t get sick and live a fulfilling life. But routine vet checkups are still expensive. So, let’s see up next what are the basic costs of having a furry friend.


Adoption fees

It is best to adopt your pet and forget about purchasing it from a breeder. Many animals are overlooked in shelters, and if you are considering bringing home a furry friend, why not do a good deed?  Always remember that a pet sold in a store comes from a mom that was bred in awful conditions, and those pets might come with additional health problems due to those circumstances.

And the best part of adoption is that it can be free. Of course, when there is the case, the price for a pet can turn out to be a couple of hundred dollars, which is still less of what you’ve had paid to a pet store or breeder. Usually, the fee goes around 150$ and can feature sterilization and basic vaccines. You can discover adoptable cats and dogs at your local shelter.


Selecting a breed

Another step is related to choosing what type of cat or dog you want. This can lead to additional vet expenses depending on its breed and congenital predisposition to the disease. Do some research on ThePets community for pet parents about breeds that are predisposed to serious health issues and assess whether or not you can financially cover those expenses in case it happens to your pet. 

Both dogs and cats can have hereditary health issues. And it is always best to opt to think in advance about whether or not it is worth to have a purebred. These are the most sensitive species of pets you can face.


Get ready to get your pet home

Before you adopt your new furry friend, you should get into a bit of preparation. No matter if you opt for a cat or a dog, you will need some standard objects. A fluffy bed, some toys, food, and litter is a great start. But there is no need to go overboard with this. It is best not to suffocate your pet with a lot of stuff. He or she will need some time to adjust to the new environment. Also, don’t forget to buy a leash for your dog and plastic bags to gather his or her poo. And if you get a cat, you most likely will need a carrier bag.


Ask your vet about pet food

Vets advise better to opt for qualitative food. Cheap food can have several additives that can promote the early onset of severe health issues. And if you don’t believe this, just search about the lawsuit against Purina Beneful dog food. It was discovered that their blend was rich in propylene glycol, a common compound in an anti-freeze solution. And the lawsuit was the result of more than 3,000 dogs died after regularly ingesting Beneful.


Consider your pet care while away

If you are traveling a lot, it is best to think ahead about what will you do with your pet. You can choose either daycare or pet sitting, depending on your budget and needs. As a general rule, cats don’t require a lot of extra attention, meaning you can get an affordable pet sitting service. A cat needs daily litter cleaning, eater, food, and a bit of petting. Still, if you opt for getting a dog, pet sitting or daycare can be more expensive. He or she will need a daily walk, and they are more demanding than cats. So, before you adopt a pet, think about how you will care for its needs when you are away.


Don’t forget about pet grooming

Well, having a cat is also the least expensive when it comes to grooming. These furry pets are extremely careful about their appearance, and they constantly groom themselves. Still, you might need some regular nail clippings for your cat. On the other hand, having a dog involves a lot of attention to grooming and cleaning. On average, the price for a dog grooming session can go up to $50 without nail clipping.

dog grooming


Vet expenses

Vet bills are established based on several factors like breed, health issues, investigations, and treatment required. A yearly check-up can cost around $100. And if you are both unfortunate and he or she develops a serious illness, you might have to spend thousands of dollars on vet care

Some pet owners think about pet insurance. And this can be helpful if you get your pet plan when your pet is still young. The price for such a policy can range between $10 and $35. But if you have an older pet, you will automatically have to pay a higher premium. Besides, insurances are all about deductibles and co-pays. And let’s not overlook the fact that pre-existing conditions are not included. No matter if you opt for having or not pet insurance, it is always best to set aside some money for emergencies.



So, my dog was healthy almost all his entire life, up until cancer appeared. And even though I knew he wouldn’t recover from this, I did my best to cover the most expensive treatments my vet suggested. But as soon as I noticed his quality of life was dreadful, I said to my vet I was at peace and took the hard decision of putting him down. I knew my poor fluff was anxious about vets, so I requested my vet to do the procedure at home. 

And I admit it was the hardest thing I ever did. I just sat there on the floor next to him, clinging to his last hours of life. This is the main reason I won’t commit again to having a pet. I put too much of my soul in this, and in the end, it is so distressing. I still remember the moment in which the vet came to our home and got him a tranquilizer. The peace in his eyes and his sense of expectation. And as soon as she injected him the drug and stopped breathing, I felt like a member of my family dies. Our vet was so nice that she sent me my dog’s ashes in a box, which I still have. 

Anyway, I always tell my story to help people understand how important it is to have the monetary means to care for your pet. So, I genuinely advise you to think about all that involves having a pet, especially his last moments. A furry friend is a fantastic experience, but at the same time, require a lot of commitment and dedication from your part.