23 Strongest Breed Of Dogs in the World

Great Pyrenees

This is a big breed of dog that is linked to being a sheep guard dog from North America. This is a century old breed and is quite large and characterized by double dew claws which cannot be seen in any other breed. They possess as double coat and have a muscular body.

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Pyrenean Mountain Dog or Great Pyrenees

Pit bull terrier

This one has a strong reflex for giving chase and tends to be on the friendly side though they are only medium in size. Their sturdy body tends to make them really strong plus they also have a long life span. When trained well and allowed to socialize, they are pretty good.  But people do view them as dangerous due to their propensity to give chase suddenly.

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Greater Swiss Mountain Dog

Rumored to have been bred in the Swiss Alps this dog is a working dog and this breed tends to be social and quite gentle, making it a pet for the whole family. The only thing that makes this dog a bad choice is their short life span.

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