23 Strongest Breed Of Dogs in the World

Caucasian Shepherd Dog: It is a large dog breed very famous in Russia, North Caucasian area, Armenia and Georgia. They are very famous breed and also noted for their appearance in various famous novels. They are very muscular and even tempered. As they are mountain dogs so a heavy coat of fur is seen on their whole body. Their life expectancy is very long and quick weight pickers. Proper training should be given to them for better performance as they are used for hunting bears.

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Antolian Shepherd: Antolian shepherds mainly originated in Antolia in Turkey but afterwards developed in America. It is a large dog breed with very strong and rugged appearance. They are very famous for their eye sight and hearing power. They can run very fast to chase the predator with a great agility. Their average life span is 11 years and seen mostly to die due to cancer and cardiac attacks.

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Sarplaninac: This breed is also known as Illyrian Sheep Dog of a livestock guardian type. They have mainly originated from the border areas of Kosovo, Macedonia and Albania. It is a large, strongly built dog. This breed is mainly reliable, protective and independent in nature. If they are trained by an experienced trainer they can even work according to human commands. They are seen as very serious guard dogs. But not a suitable breed for all as sometimes they get highly aggressive. The average lifespan is 11-13 Years.

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