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What Are The Symptoms Of Cat Constipation And How To Deal With It

The thing about having a cat for a pet means that you may have to keep an eye out for its health and well being, independent creatures that they are. Here are some hints on how to find out if your cat is suffering from constipation. Once you find that your cat displays any of these symptoms you should take the cat to the veterinarian. This is vital as the same signs could also indicate urinary disorders.

Symptoms Of Cat Constipation And How To Deal With It (1)

The vet will be able to make out what the problem is. Here is a list of the symptoms to watch out for:
• The cat exerting strain or even crying out in pain while trying to eliminate stools.
• If the stools are dry, hard or if they are covered in blood or mucous.
• More trips than warranted but without success to the litter box.

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• Lesser appetite.
• Losing weight.
• The cat being lethargic.
• Throwing up.
• Showing some discomfort in the tummy area.
• Disinterest or slacking in grooming and No more naughty things happened by your cat.
The fact is that cat breeds could be having this problem due to many reasons. Here are some causes for cats to suffer from constipation:
• A diet that is low in fiber.
• Due to dehydration.
• Excess grooming or hairballs.
• Abscessed or blocked anal sacs.
• A prostrate gland that is enlarged.
• Hair that has gotten tangled on the buttocks.
• Consuming objects like cloth, string, bones etc.
• Side effect of medication.
• Obstruction in intestine or tumor.
• Being obese.
• Neurology related disorders.
• Some abnormality in colon motility or shape.

How to treat the cat’s constipation problems?

The treatment would depend on the cause of constipation and the vet would also tell you about some treatments. Do not try any medication without consultation with the vet.
• Something to soften the stools.
• Laxatives.
• Enema to be given by professionals with due carefree.
• Medicine to enhance the large intestine’s contractile strength.
• Evacuation of bowels manually.
• Surgery to eliminate obstrution.
• Diet with high fiber as recommended by the veterinarian.
• Addtion of fiber to the feline’s diet with things like Metamucil, bran cereal or canned pumpkin.

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• Make the cat drink more water.
• More exercise.

Which are the cats that are more likely to get constipated?

Pets that are older could have this problem, but it can happen to any cat that does not get enough fiber or enough water to drink or enough activity or having any of the reasons for constipation.

Does constipation cause other health issues?

Yes, constipation needs to be looked into as it could be a sign of diabetes, or it could be hernia or an obstruction in rectum.

What are the measures to prevent my cat from suffering from constipation?

You need to provide a good quality diet with lesser treats, good water and also ensure that your cat gets plenty of exercise. Grooming and brushing also helps in keeping the occurrence of hairballs which is one of the causes for constipation.

Symptoms Of Cat Constipation And How To Deal With It (5)

What could occur if constipation is not treated?

In case this problem in your cat is not detected and is ignored, then a condition called obstipation which is the loss of ability to empty the colon by itself could happen. What happens when the cat gets to this state is that the colon gets packed with a huge quantity of feces, which is uncomfortable. Furthermore, this will lead to straining unproductively, much lethargy, loss in appetite and even could result in the cat vomiting bile etc. This in turn could cause the colon to swell leading to the loss in the motility of the colon.