10 Types of Nests of Different Bird Species

Mound: Actually, there are some birds; those bury their eggs during the incubation period. This type of nest is mainly called a Mound nest. Soil, branches, leaves, sticks and twigs are mainly used to make out this type of nest.

When a mound is made, it generated some heat inside it, which helps in incubation of the egg. Birds like flamingo, Australian Bush Turkey, Horned Coot are seen to build this type of nests.


Platform: This nest type is relatively bigger in size and are often equal to the size of the adult birds.

This nest is not temporary and is used for many years depending on the environment and situation. The most known eagles, egrets and ospreys build this type of nest to live and lay eggs. Each breeding season, the new materials are added to the nest to make it more strong.


Pendant: It is a slight different looking nest from the others and looks like a sac when seen from far.

It is built from grasses, plant fibers and other suspended materials of plants. This pendant nest is built by many well-known birds around the world such as the weavers, sunbirds, orioles etc.


Scrape: The most simple type of nest in terms of construction is the Scrape nest. A shallow depression is made on the soil or vegetation and it is made deep enough to protect the egg from falling down from the nest.

Sometimes it has been also found that small stones, feathers and even fragments are used to make a boundary to protect the eggs. Ostrich, Ducks, Falcon, Egyptian plover all make this type of nest for their egg.


Sphere: This nest is a round and circular structure and it is enclosed from all sides except a small round hole, which allows access only for the birds, and sort of resembles a modern bird feeder. Not many birds to build this type of nest and one of the commonly known birds to make such nest are thick-billed weaver.


Nests are really a very unique things and creation made by the birds. Every animal creates their own shelters and so do the birds.

But the making of nests is really creative in that sense. So now, you can say that you know about the different types of nests, which is mainly built by the different types of birds.

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