10 Of The Smartest Animals In The World

When it comes to animals we know that they can be pretty intelligent but we do not know to which extent. Like humans, animals too differ in terms of the degree to which they are intelligent.


Here is a list of some of the most intelligent animals in the world:

Cats: These rank among the smarter animals with their escalated ability to sense things and their physical agility. These qualities of the felines along with their skills at hunting will be vouched for by those who have a cat as a pet. They can be trained as well as you train dogs.


Squirrels: Don’t be taken in by their small size and cute appearance. Regardless of the fact that they tend to dart in and out of traffic much to the annoyance of people driving on the road, they do have lots of intelligence. The only thing is that in their case their brains are focused on the gathering and storing of food. In fact they possess incredible memory when it comes to remembering where they stored the food.


Elephants: The size of the brains of these animals are huge as compared to other animals though the size of the brain does not mean much. Actually the thing that counts is the ratio of body mass in relation to brain mass, but by any non-human standards one has to agree that elephants are really smart. These animals are so intelligent that they even have social interactions and even show empathy.


Octopus: Among the species of invertebrates, octopus ranks among the smartest. They are highly skilled at hunting and use their brains when sourcing their food. They are known to use their brains to solve really complex problems like the others in this list.


Dogs: When it comes to dogs you have to remember that there are many breeds and the intelligence based on the breed, but it general dogs are quick at learning new skills and also listen and learn very fast about following instructions that humans give them. Many breeds including poodles, labradors, collies show a lot of curiosity and are eager to observe and take in the smallest thing around them. Plus their love towards humans and attachment leads them to become a great companion to humans.


Whales: They are known for their huge size but not many know that they are really intelligent too. They are known to use sounds at complex levels to keep in touch and synchronize activities within the group very smartly. They are supposed to be good at solving problems.


Parrots: While we know about their ability to repeat what we say and their ability to remember what they hear what we do not know is that they are very good at finding solutions for difficult problems.


Bottlenose Dolphins: As far as the size of the brain when compared to the mass of the body is concerned, dolphins rank among the highest. They are also blessed with good communication skills and are also known to be very aware of themselves and can even recognize their own reflection.

Bottlenose Dolphins

Pig: This may stun you but the intelligence of a pig in middle age is equal to that of human toddlers of three years. They can adapt and adjust to changing conditions and are good at learning new skills.


Chimpanzees: They not only look like us but also have many of the capabilities that we have. They are known to be able to use tools and also work with their surroundings to help themselves and their group in doing certain things. Even among primates they rank among the most intelligent.