About Us

What’s Tail&Fur?

Tail&Fur is a nature and animal website dedicated to providing its audience with entertaining and informative articles about fur babies.

This one-stop website is all you need to build a better home for your pet.

What’s Tail&Fur’s Philosophy?

Tail&Fur believes that every pet deserves a home, but not every home deserves a pet.

Pets may just be one part of our lives, but our pets spend their entire lifetimes with us. We might have to say goodbye to them and move on eventually, but that’s not the case for them.

Their lives will revolve around us, and the best thing we could do is to give them the best times they could ever have.

Besides, when we open our hearts and show them our capacity to love, that same love returns a hundredfold, and love is a universal language. It does not need to be translated to be understood and felt.

Tail&Fur believes that if we keep ourselves informed on pet care, we become more capable of showing the love we have for our pets.

To do that, we need to know what’s good for them and what’s not, which brings us to Tail&Fur’s mission.

What Does Tail&Fur Offer?

Tail&Fur offers four archives; Nature, Pets, Health, and Reviews.

Tail&Fur Nature

Tail&Fur believes that we have a unique and undying connection with nature. Aside from our responsibility of taking care of it, we’re also responsible for learning more about what it can offer.

Tail&Fur addresses these ideas by providing you with entertaining articles about animals’ lives, behaviors, and even evolution.

Under Tail&Fur Nature, you will also find many articles showing animals you may not have seen before and never even knew existed.

Aside from entertaining you, the primary purpose of this is to rekindle the link between nature and our race.

This would help us appreciate the world we live in even more. 

Tail&Fur Pets

Under the Pets archives, you’ll find some of the most informative and entertaining articles about animals you can care for as pets.

Tail&Fur gathers interesting facts about all kinds of pets and animals to widen your knowledge about being a fur parent and a pet lover.

Moreover, Tail&Fur has numerous segments teaching you countless tips and tricks on pet care. 

These How-To articles answer some of your most pressing questions about living with pets and making their lives safer and more comfortable.

Tail&Fur also has informative articles on how pets and animals affect our lives and how we affect theirs.

Tail&Fur Health

With Tail&Fur’s Health Archive, you’ll have all the resources for maintaining your pets’ overall health.

From food supplements to grooming tips and first aid, we’re compiling an extensive repository to drop on your palms.

Our articles shed some light on many of the most common pet health problems, and we’ll make sure to drop in a vet-recommended fix.

Tail&Fur Reviews

At Tail&Fur, you can get some of the latest reviews of the best products that will help you improve your pet’s mode of living.

We offer reviews of treats, muzzles, bowls, leashes, collars, dog foods, grooming products, and many more.

These reviews can help you make informed decisions on where to spend your money.

Tail&Fur also conveniently redirects you to various links where you can get a hold of these products.

This means you don’t have to spend hours on the internet trying to determine whether a product is suitable for your pet or not.

Who’s Behind Tail&Fur?

Sage is the mind behind Tail&Fur. He has an unwavering love for pets and aims to ignite this passion within other people.

To do that, Sage developed a multiservice website that provides a holistic approach to pet care, nature appreciation, and more.

Sage collects various articles, reviews, and guidelines under one roof.

This means anything and everything you ever need to know about animals and nature is already at your disposal.

All you have to do is press that button and navigate through the numerous articles within Tail&Fur.

What Sets Tail&Fur Apart from Other Websites?

Of course, Tail&Fur is aware that countless other websites on the internet talk about dogs, cats, and all sorts of pets.

Tail&Fur does not see them as competitors, as Sage believes anyone who shares the goal of providing animals with better lives is a companion.

However, if there’s anything that causes Tail&Fur to stand out, it is Sage’s love for nature and animals.

Because of this, Tail&Fur provides nothing but honest reviews on different products. After all, it is the lives and comfort of our pets that are at stake.

Moreover, the informative articles that Tail&Fur publishes have been fact-checked. Tail&Fur ensures that every claim made on its website is backed by extensive research.

This guarantees that we don’t put your pet’s life in danger.

On top of that, Tail&Fur does not just inform. It also entertains.

Thanks to its diverse topics, readers can stay on the website for hours learning new things about pet care and nature itself.

Finally, Tail&Fur stands out because it’s driven by connection, not just with nature but also with its readers.

Tail&Fur listens to what its readers have to say, which is why it’s very convenient to reach out to them.

How Do I Reach Tail&Fur?

If you have concerns, suggestions, questions, or feedback about Tail&Fur or pet care in general, you can reach out to Sage.

Just fill out the “Contact Me” form.

The form will ask for your name, email address, the subject of your inquiry, and your message.

Don’t worry. Tail&Fur guarantees that all the information you provide on the website is protected and kept private.

In the spirit of genuine connection, Sage will personally read and reach out to you through the email you provided.

However, since Sage handles this area personally, he inevitably gets a lot of requests and questions.

With that in mind, Sage asks for your patience and to bear with him as he goes through each of the messages.

Nonetheless, Tail&Fur still encourages you to visit the website from time to time and to give us your thoughts!