10 Really Creative Accessories For Your Dog!

Dogs are playful creatures that do very well with toys and dog owners are always looking for gadgets that will let them play. In fact a dog toy will not only keep your dog entertained and engaged, it will also make your life easy. You need not be then concerned about the mischief and destruction that your bored dog can get up to like the chewed footwear, the scratched table leg or some such other things. Here is a list of creative accessories that will keep you and your dog happy:

10 – Rogz Grinz Treat Ball Dog Toy: These new balls in many colors will make your dog go crazy with excitement and joy as they can be used to fetch, bounce and as a treat


09 – Fashionable Flashing Nylon Dog Collar with LED Lights: Scared that you and your dog will get hit by some unknowing vehicle driver or pedestrian while walking out at night? Then fear no more this glow in the dark collar that is shock resistant, light in weight and weather proof will take care of that .


08 – Chico Reversible Pet Sling Carrier: This makes for a fine style statement while being really convenient. Sling your pet in the pouch resting on the hip while the strap rests on the opposite shoulder. A pouch for your pooch that is good to look at and easy to tote about.

07 – Humunga Stache Durable Dog Toy: This one will make you grin as the moustache on the ball will make it look as if your pet has one as they pick it up in their mouth.

06 – Bark4Beer Dog Collar: Here is a combo that you will love, a bottle opener and dog collar rolled into one. The next time you have a party, no need to search for an opener, your dog has one. A new angle on the dog getting you a beer.

05 – Duckbill Shaped Dog Muzzle: This one is best for dogs that are smaller but it has a strap that can be adjusted to fit most other dogs too. This muzzle is completely environmentally friendly and is good way to train the dog. It will keep a check on the barking, licking on wounds, biting and also from eating things from the yard.

04 – Giant Tongue Dog Chew Toy: This one is made of rubber and with a ball on one of the ends and a big tongue on the other it makes a great toy. The tongue is ideal for all those playful tug of war or just to make an amusing picture for you of your pet.

03 – Outdoor Pet Drinking Fountain: This will supply your dog with fresh water keeping away the problem of stagnant and stale water or the frequent refilling of the water bowl. As the dog approaches this device will sense it and send out cool and fresh water for the dog to drink.

02 – Dog Camera Mount For GoPro: Make you dog shoot videos with this great mounting system on the dog. There are some places that only your dog can go, why not have the footage of these incredible places with this awesome device? This way you have your hands free to do many things as you explore the great outdoors with your best buddy.

01 – Doggie Fountain: Ensuring a good supply of fresh water for your dog when you have a busy life is something that becomes impossible. This device will do this for you in style. All the dog has to do is press it on the paw shaped design for the fresh water to flow out.