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10 Vital Points To Think And Ponder While Buying A Horse

Every one of us as a child or even some of us as grownups have a dream of owning our own horse or at least a pony. It is fun to think of all those rides you will take on the horse while exploring the land and natural beauty around you. All this while being seated on a majestic animal riding on which makes you feel free and as one with the nature around you. Img Source:

But owning a horse is not something that most of us can consider even taking into consideration the costs of having a horse have come down quite a bit. But still if you think you can afford to have a horse, you would still have to think hard and consider these points before you even go ahead and get a horse.

Food:  As you know from the expression that says eating like a horse that horses do eat quite a bit. They do not get all their food and nutrition needs from grazing grass and have to be fed on some grains that can cost you a bit. These grains are essential to ensure complete nutrition and you will need to shell out money to buy quite a bit.

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Vitamins and Supplements: Apart from their regular food, there are some supplements that horses need to keep their stress down and other factors like riding, breeding and for immunity etc. These too can cost quite high.


Blacksmithing: Horses need a lot of care to their feet and that too on a regular basis. It means having the feet trimmed and shod by a professional as this is not a job that you can do yourself.

Veterinarian Care: Horses like all animals need medical care. Since these are rather large animals the vet has to visit them rather than the other way round, bringing the costs up and this is apart from the cost of shots, medicines and consultation fees.

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Grooming: You can do the grooming yourself in a bid to save money, but even than you have to factor in the costs of shampoo, combs, ointments and brushes. You also have to consider the cost of learning how to do these things properly. Img Source:

Saddles and Leads: A saddle essential for you to be able to ride the horse and you cannot compromise on the quality of this along with leads you will use. So do not forget these costs while contemplating a horse purchase. Img Source:

Riding Lessons: Since horse riding is a specialized skill you cannot just learn to ride on the job, you will have to learn. This is another cost that you cannot absolutely stint on before you go ahead and purchase the horse. Img Source:

Horse Insurance: You will need insurance for covering the bills from the vet plus also general insurance on the horse you have purchased.  This is another factor that will add to the cost side of purchasing the horse. Img Source:

Stables or Barn: A horse needs a proper shelter like a good stable that is properly outfitted or a barn that will work. Do consider the cost of housing the horse along with the other costs mentioned above. Img Source:

Board: You may also have to consider what it will cost you to board the horse in case you will not be able to keep it with you. Even if you have an accommodation for the horse by yourself, there will cost of boarding in case you are traveling. This and also transportation of the horse when required are two costs that will add up. Img Source: