5 Dogs That Make Perfect Emotional Support Buddies

When hard times fall upon us, it is the emotional support that builds our strength to brace ourselves for the bumpy roads.

This emotional support brightens our days and smiles more than ever when received from a canine friend. The reason is, dogs have always proved themselves to be responsive to human emotions and always ready to give a big fat hug.

So, if you’ve been looking for the best emotional support dogs, then you’ve landed on the right blog.

Below is a list of dogs that lend you much-needed emotional support and bring calmness to your nerves.

Scroll down further and find out which dog can brighten up your day!

Difference Between Service Dog And Emotional Support Dogs

If you’re going to adopt an emotional support dog or therapy dog for the first time, you need to read this important information.

According to the American Disabilities Act, “a service animal means any dog that is individually trained to do work or perform tasks for the benefit of an individual with a disability…”

Hence, the major difference between service dogs and therapy dogs is that the former are trained, and the latter are not.

Therapy dogs do not necessarily take care of you in one way or another. Instead, they provide you with love and warmth for great companionship.

How Is Making Your Dog Happy Good For You?

While you live with a dog, you develop an unconditionally close relation with your pup. Then, your pet’s actions start affecting you.

When you look after and play with them, it makes them happy, ultimately kicking in your happy hormones as well.

So it is advised that you take care of your pets with adorable accessories that are animal-friendly and help maintain a refreshing environment in the house.

This will keep both of you cheerful and stress-free!

Best Emotional Support Dogs

1. Cavalier King Charles spaniel

Cavalier king is rooted back to one of the breeds that were created for being good at companionship.

So naturally, these dogs are calm, playful, and hold unmeasurable love in their eyes for the owner.

Moreover, because of being eager to please their human parent, cavaliers are easy to train, good with kids, and above all, fit for small spaces like apartments.

2. Labrador Retriever

The second dog on our list of best emotional dogs support dogs is the one and only Labrador retriever.

Yes, you read it right!

Besides having a feisty look on their face, these dogs are naturally calm in terms of temperament and don’t bother much no matter what’s going around them.

Their loving and laid-back nature makes them perfect partners and easy to train precisely the way you want.

They can sit with you for hours and listen to (or at least pretend to. Hehe) your day without blinking their round bulging eyes.

Moreover, their short hair fur doesn’t demand regular grooming sessions too!

3. Standard Poodle

Usually, poodles come in three different sizes, but we are going to talk about the largest or standard poodle here.

Unlike the apparent look, poodles turn out to be a good choice when it comes to the best emotional support dogs.

They have a mix of fun and compassionate nature, along with being non-shedding and highly intelligent dogs.

Poodle dog will always be ready to play and not get tired of wiggling its tail upon hearing a dog training whistle.

4. Pembroke Welsh Corgi

how does it feel seeing a dog running around with its small legs and giving you goofy smiles? Irresistibly cute, right?

And this is what corgis are famous for!

Having a clever, compassionate, and trustworthy nature made them fall into the list of best emotional support dogs.

Corgis typically fall into the category of herding dogs, which means they are easy to train and don’t make you fret over them.

Lastly, corgis are very picky when it comes to protecting their human parent, so think twice before making worry about you. 😉

5. Great Pyrenees

Here, we have an option for those who love sparing time for their pet’s wellness and grooming more than usual.

Relieving yourself from stress and anxiety means engaging your mind in tasks that make you forget entirely about dark thoughts.

Having the great Pyrenees and taking care of them will do the trick for you. Their long and thick-coated fur needs to be groomed on a daily basis, which means you’ll be spending time with your pup more than usual.

Apart from their healthy and adorable appearance, these dogs are always ready to make your heart bloom with love and warmth.


No doubt that you can’t put a full stop to the ups and downs of life, but you can choose how to work through them.

Besides, your life becomes magically calming when you have a partner to distract and make you smile unconditionally.

With that said, hopefully, the names of dogs enlisted above will help you find a perfect support buddy.

Have you got anything to add to the best emotional support dogs list? Feel free to drop it below!