6 Steps To Make A Homesick Puppy Feel Comfortable

When you get a new puppy home it is a moment of great joy. It is a moment to which everyone at home is looking forward to and everyone is all aflutter to make things as comfortable as possible for the adorable new addition to the house. But we know puppies are like small children and this means they may take some time to adjust to the change in residence. This means they will cry and whimper.

Let us tell you this; the whimpering that a new puppy does is enough to melt the coldest and hardest hearts. The little pooch is whimpering because he or she is missing  mommy and the other friends. Sure, the little puppy will soon adjust to her or his new home but in the meanwhile you have to go through the heartbreak of seeing it whimper. But actually you need not sit there and let things be the way they are. Instead here are some steps that you can take to make the puppy feel better. To do that you will need to collect some things. Here is what you need:

  • Some clothing from the breeder
  • The clothing used by the owner
  • A soft dog crate for the puppy to sleep
  • A towel or blanket
  • Some comfortable bedding
  • A clock (the kind that goes tick-tock)
  • Some soft and cuddly toys

Here are the 6 steps that you need to take:

Step 1: Since you have collected some bit of cloth from the box that was used for whelping or the pen of the puppy, you can place it close to the puppy during the first night. The familiar scents from it like the one of it’s’ mother and brothers and sisters will give it a feeling of familiarity. In case you are not able to get a cloth from the breeder or erstwhile owner, just put some clothing of yours alongside the puppy.

Step 2: Do make sure you have crate that you can use as a bed for the puppy and also to ensure that she or he does not leave it and roam around getting lost. Arrange bedding in the crate and also arrange some toweling or blankets on top to give the puppy a cozy feeling.

Step 3: The next thing to do is put the clock inside the crate where your puppy is going to sleep. Try and wrap it in some clothing so that the puppy can only feel the heart beat like sound of the clock but not get her teeth into it.

Step 4: Put some soft toys alongside your puppy to emulate its playing companions that she will be missing. In any case dogs do like to cuddle with their toys so this is a good idea.

Step 5: Ensure that the area where the puppy is sleeping is nice and warm by keep a warm lamp or something above the crate to emulate the warmth of its sleeping place while with its mother.

Step 6: Try and be tough even the puppy whimpers and keep away from comforting it too often as the puppy will use to grab attention in the future. Instead reward the puppy’s good behavior with plenty of attention and pats..

A useful tip:
Once the puppy gets up from its nap, ensure that you take it out to go potty. The puppy is too young to be able to hold its bladder for periods longer than 2 hour during the daytime as well as the initial nights when you bring it home.

Important warning: Do not put in clothing that has buttons, zips etc in the crate along with the puppy as this can be dangerous.