40 Amazing Pictures of Animals Kissing Each Other

Have you come across photos of animals smooching? If not, then you have missed out on something that is so sweet and cute that it can literally make you get an overdose of sweetness. We mean it; just think of this – animals are cute enough to look at and on top of that, two of them kissing.  Just thinking about it can make your face go all sentimental and softer. Then imagine what casting your eyes on these images is going to do to you!

Well the thing is that when animals kiss, it is not going to be about passion and romance; it is going to be all about clumsy displays of affection (at least we hope so) where two cute animals will be bumping lips. Sometimes the kiss will be on the cheek too but this does not mean that there will be any reduction in the cute factor. Mostly it will be about one animal from one species kissing another from the same species. But sometimes you will come across some cases where one animal like a dog will be nuzzling up to a cat, which really takes the cuteness factor up by at least a couple of notches.

Kissing Animals (20)
Sometimes animals or rather fishes can go all narcissistic and kiss their own reflection. It can be cute to watch a fish pucker up and try to kiss what it thinks is a potential mate. Sometimes birds are also known to get in a smooch or two. With their beaks clacking against each other, it can take some doing to get the mechanics of a kiss right but they do seem to manage.

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With animals in the wild, especially those with big teeth a kiss can look cute but also dangerous. Sometimes when you see bears or tigers going for a smooch, your heartbeat may speed up due to the number of teeth involved in the process. But most times, the sight of animals getting in a smooch or two when they can warm the cockles of your heart. Since among animals , a kiss is not necessarily a precursor to heavy romance or sexual action, it is even more heartening to watch them smooch and display affection in this way.

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No matter why they are smooching or why they are diving in for a kiss or where they are kissing each other, looking at pictures of animals kissing can be a sight that will stay with you.

Pictures of Animals Kissing Each Other


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Elephant Mother’s and Child Love

Kissing Animals (4)

A Cute Kitty Kiss For His Mother

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Cute Baby Orangutang Love

Kissing Animals (8)

Wolf Family Kiss

Kissing Animals (9)

A Small Kiss For His Big Mom

Kissing Animals (13)

Holding and Kissing Her Baby Like Humans

Kissing Animals (15)

This Is For Mom

Kissing Animals (38)

This is for my daughter Emily