Best Dog Poop Bag of 2021: Complete Reviews With Comparisons

Dog poop bags look the same no matter the brand, so you might think there shouldn’t be a problem choosing.

After all, what could the best dog poop bags possibly offer that other brands do not have?

If you give it more thought, you’ll find that plastics come in varying thicknesses, holding capacities, and variable grades of social responsibility.

While you may be disposing of your dog’s wastes successfully, you might not be doing so responsibly and efficiently.

Check out the following reviews of some top-rated products and find out what you’re missing through our handy buyer’s guide.

Best Dog Poop Bag Reviews

1. Earth Rated Dog Poop Bags

Earth Rated creates high-quality and innovative products that make cleaning up after your dog less of a chore.

With such products, you can focus more on enjoying the company of your pet rather than taking on the responsibilities of being a pet owner.

Product Highlights

Earth Rated products include poop bag dispensers, scented and unscented poop bags, compostable poop bags, and compostable wipes.

In this section, we shall focus on Earth Rated’s Lavender-Scented Poop Bags.

These premium poop bags come in a set of eight rolls, each holding 15 dog bags for a total of 120 pieces.

Each bag measures 9.0 by 13.0 inches and is much thicker than many other alternatives.

While the lavender scent masks the foul odors from your dog’s wastes, the thick material ensures that your hands are safe.

The Good

We like that anyone who uses these Earth Rated Poop Bags automatically contributes to the environment’s wellness.

Earth Rated manufactures poop bags and roll cores using 100 percent recycled materials.

The Bad

While all materials used come from renewed materials, they do not constitute biodegradable substances.

If you want to be more eco-friendly, you might want to choose Earth Rated’s compostable options.


  • Available in unscented variations
  • Infused with odor-blocking lavender
  • Every purchase reduces plastic wastes
  • Reliable leak-proof rating


  • Costs more than the alternatives
  • Rolls work best with the Earth Rated poop bag dispenser
  • Not biodegradable

2. Best Pet Supplies Dog Poop Bags

Unlike Earth Rated, Best Pet Supplies is your one-stop shop for everything you and your pets need.

From accessories, treats, and toys to hygiene and health care, you’ll never go wrong by choosing this store.

Product Highlights

When it comes to cleaning up after your pets, Best Pet Supplies features several color options in scented and unscented variations.

This set, in particular, contains 10 assorted-color rolls, each with 15 bags, bringing the total count to 150 pieces.

Each bag measures 9.0 by 13.0 inches and carries an infusion of jasmine scent.

With these leak-proof poo bags, you never have to worry about ripping containers after each cleanup.

Best Pet Supplies crafts these bags from extra-thick plastics with tear-resistant seams.

The Good

The good thing about the Best Pet Supplies Dog Poop Bags is the infusion of d2w additives in the manufacturing process.

This additive makes the plastics oxo-degradable, which means they break down into tiny pieces when exposed to heat and ultraviolet radiation.

As soon as the plastics break down, the wastes contained within move faster into decomposition.

The Bad

While the d2w additive is an advantage, it can also put the product at a disadvantage.

First and foremost, it doesn’t make the plastics biodegradable, meaning it is still broken-down waste that does not decompose.

Additionally, sunlight and high heat make the plastic brittle after extended periods of exposure.


  • Oxo-degradability enables decomposition of contents
  • Jasmine scent blocks foul odors
  • More affordable than Earth Rated options
  • Tear-resistant and leak-proof


  • Some issues with product quality
  • Does not biodegrade

3. AmazonBasics Unscented Dog Poop Bags

At AmazonBasics, you will find highly rated products that come with very affordable price tags.

Do you find scented poop bags overpowering and contributing to undesirable odors?

If so, you might find the AmazonBasics Unscented Dog Poop Bags a better choice.

Product Highlights

While each bag measures 9.0 by 13.0 inches, the set includes 20 rolls, each having 15 bags for easy carrying.

However, unlike the Earth Rated and Best Pet Supplies poop bag kits, this AmazonBasics set only uses black bags.

Nevertheless, this option offers reliable strength with its primarily polyethylene composition.

The Good

Unlike all alternatives, this option is the only one bundled with a handy dispenser and a leash clip.

With these accessories, the set probably offers the best value compared to the alternatives.

The Bad

What makes this product cheaper than other options also renders it the least favorable choice for environmental awareness.

Unlike some alternatives, these poop bags do not use recycled plastics, mainly containing non-degradable polyethylene.


  • The only option with a dispenser and leash clip
  • No overpowering scents
  • Also available in scented variations
  • Best value for money


  • The least eco-friendly option
  • Some splice perforations between each bag are inadequate

4. Greener Walker Poop Bags for Dog Waste

best dog poop bag

Like Earth Rated, Greener Walker focuses on cleaning up after your dogs because it only manufactures dog poop bags.

However, unlike Earth Rated and other brands, this manufacturer offers poop bag sets containing higher quantities in single bundles.

Product Highlights

Greener Walker dog poop bags come in brown, deep green, green, and yellow colors, depending on which set you purchase.

This particular set contains 36 rolls, with 15 brown bags per roll and each bag also measuring 9.0 by 13.0 inches.

Each poo bag from Greener Walker is extra-thick, giving you a worry-free experience each time you clean up dog poop.

The Good

Greener Walker Poop Bags take the podium when it comes to eco-friendliness.

Unlike most plastic poop bags, this product uses a blend of cornstarch in its manufacturing formula.

This composition makes every Greener Walker poop bag entirely biodegradable.

The Bad

A downside to buying from Greener Walker is the lack of purchasable poop bag dispensers.

However, you can always use standard-sized dispensers from other brands.


  • The only biodegradable option
  • Biodegradable yet affordable
  • One box lasts up to seven months for one dog
  • Fully leak-proof
  • Extra-strength bags


  • Bags can be a bit difficult to open
  • Sticky seals can rip the first bag off the roll

5. Pet N Pet Dog Poop Pick Up Bags


If you own many dogs and you walk several of them in one go, you might be looking for dog poop bags in larger quantities.

While some brands offer sets in quantities of up to 900 pieces, only Pet N Pet offers poop bags in super-value packs.

Product Highlights

This Pet N Pet Dog Poop Pick Up Bags bundle contains 1,080 pieces of unscented poop bags, each measuring 9.0 by 13.0 inches.

The set comes in 60 rolls, each containing 18 black pick-up bags.

Unless your dogs have scooting problems, having more than enough dog poop bags prepares you for what inevitably needs cleaning after every day.

The Good

Unlike some brands that deceptively advertise using biodegradable materials, Pet N Pet poop bags only claim to have 38 percent bio-based materials.

Furthermore, like Earth Rated poop bags, those from Pet N Pet also use recycled materials for the packaging and the roll cores.

The Bad

Each roll contains three bags more than most alternatives, so they tend to be thicker.

As a result, each brand new roll of the Pet N Pet poop bags may not fit small or compact poop bag dispensers.


  • USDA certified to be partially bio-based
  • Serrations on stickers prevent the first bag from tearing
  • Thicker than many alternatives
  • Uses recycled materials


  • The thicker roll may not fit compact dispensers
  • Only partially compostable

Buyer’s Guide

When purchasing dog poop bags, you might want to go over material choices, thickness, size, and product durability.

These properties easily determine which dog poop bags are best for you and your pups.

You might also want to check out other features, such as available scents, odor blockers, colors, and carrying accessories.

The following list outlines all of these properties and features and provides more details about what the best dog poop bags should offer.

1. Choice of Materials

Dog poop bags generally come in either paper, plastic, or a combination of both.

Whichever material you choose, it would be practical to weigh the pros and cons between sustainability and cost-effectiveness.

Paper poop bags are harmless to the environment, but they can be more expensive than plastics.

Moreover, they are only great for when your dog poops firm and solid poop, as too much liquid can soak through the paper.

On the other hand, while plastic poop bags are usually much cheaper, they are not so earth-friendly, as they pile up into loads of trash.

Plastic-lined paper poop bags combine the pros and cons of both materials.

Moreover, decades of improvements in plastics are now providing different eco-friendly variations.

You now have a mix of biodegradable, degradable, flushable, and compostable options.

However, with these innovations, plastic products also cost much more than usual.

2. Bag Size and Thickness

If you’ve had your dog for quite some time, you probably already know how much waste it produces on a regular basis.

You can use that experience to approximate the size of the dog poop bags that you need.

In essence, bigger dogs equal bigger excrements, implying larger poop bags.

Additionally, the thickness of a poop bag also has something to do with how much it can hold.

The material thickness is what separates your hand from the poop. Get a thicker bag if you want more protection against the icky stuff.

3. Material Durability and Strength

While thickness can be a factor of durability, it is not necessary for a bag’s overall strength.

Plastics can be thin, yet they can muster all the strength to handle the contents without breaking or leaking.

To ensure durable dog poop bags, choose heavy-duty products with exceptional holding capacities.

Also, you might want to choose waterproof bags that seal the moisture in and prevent more water from accumulating into the bag.

With such products, you have better chances of avoiding undesirable messy situations.

4. Extra Features for Efficiency

Other features that make dog waste handling more efficient include leash clips, dispensers, storage containers, and tie handles.

With leash clips, you can attach your set of poop bags onto your dog’s leash.

Doing so ensures that you won’t ever have to worry about access wherever you walk your dog.

Storage dispensers make it easier to take out a bag each time you need one, and tie handles make sealing each bag a breeze.

Dog Poop Bag FAQs

1. Why does dog poop need to be picked up?

Aside from it being a common courtesy to clean up after your canine friends, it is your duty as a pet owner.

Any waste your dog makes automatically becomes your responsibility, and cleaning up after your dog is just good manners.

Another reason to pick up your dog’s poop and dispose of it correctly is its capability to spread foul odors, disease-causing bacteria, and parasites.

Moreover, leaving it out in the open enables the contamination of water bodies nearby.

You wouldn’t want to swim in fecal water, right?

2. What do you do with bagged dog poop?

Once you secure your dog’s poop in a bag, there are several ways of proper disposal, depending on the type of bag.

With most plastic poop bags, you can always throw them into trash cans with contents that will surely end up in a landfill.

If you use flushable poop bags, you can flush them down the toilet.

Take note, however, never to do this unless you are sure that your poop bags can dissolve in liquids.

Finally, if you have degradable or compostable bags, you can always assemble a compost bin in your backyard to produce quality soil.

3. How long does it take for a dog poop bag to degrade?

Not all degradable or compostable poop bags are created equal. Some take longer to degrade without proper composting.

Unlike paper, many degradable plastics only decompose anywhere from 10 to hundreds of years.

If you plan on composting, it is always better to open the poop bags as soon as they get into your compost bin.

4. What happens to dog poop in plastic bags?

Dog poop disposed of in plastic bags and thrown in trash bins end up in landfills.

Since oxygen does not come in contact with the animal wastes, it takes quite a long time to decompose.

If you purchase poop bags from deceptive manufacturers who label products as biodegradable, you might as well be contributing to tons of waste in landfills.

5. Where do you put a poop bag when walking a dog?

After collecting dog poop during a walk, you can always make your dog carry it.

However, if you want to mask the smell, put the sealed bag in an air-tight container, which you can attach to your dog’s leash.

Which Dog Poop Bag Is the Best?

Your best option for a set of dog poop bags is the one from Earth Rated.

Aside from being leak-proof and made of 100 percent recycled materials, Earth Rated Dog Poop Bags have a lavender scent infusion to mask unpleasant odors.

However, if you are gunning for quantity and better biodegradability, the Greener Walker Poop Bags are your next best bet.

These bags are extra-thick and 100-percent leak-proof. Also, they contain a blend of corn starch that makes them decompose better than other plastics.