Best Dog Training Collar of 2022: Complete Reviews with Comparisons

Training dogs has never been easy. You must dedicate time and effort to take care of their well-being. In this article, we will talk about the best dog training collar and their unique features.

There are multiple things to consider when choosing collars. You need to check the size, fit, the range of the collar’s connectivity to your device, and the modes of training it provides.

Stubborn dogs are more challenging to train even with positive reinforcement, such as giving them treats for every good behavior. While whistles can be very helpful, collars provide a more comprehensive selection of training features.

Best Dog Training Collar Reviews

1.   NBJU TC-001 Bark Collar for Dogs

The NBJU TC-001 is a fully automated dog bark collar. It is suitable for dogs of most sizes and also doesn’t require a remote for you to train your dog.

All you have to do is turn it on, sit back, relax, and let the collar do its work.

If you have several dogs, you’ll be happy to know that this color is available in various colors: black, green, blue, red, teal, and white.


The NJBU TC-001 is fully automatic and doesn’t require you to manually press any button when your dog barks. It automatically detects the bark and performs the functions assigned to it.

It fits every dog’s neck because of the adjustable collar. Many dog owners have favored it since it is durable and dependable for their dogs’ bark training.

  • Item Build and Package Inclusions

The NBJU TC-001 training mechanism measures 2.76 by 1.46 by 1.57 inches. The collar extends to 25 inches, and the entire product weighs 4.87 ounces.

Its collar is made with solid leather material, which is fully adjustable. It has a connecting and adjusting buckle.

The display panel requires one lithium-ion battery, and the package includes one for your convenience. The LED display has two buttons. One is for the power/selection, and the other is for the intensity level adjustment.

Under the panel, there is a sound sensor and two e-shock terminals that comes along with protective silicon covers. You can find the USB charging port on the side of the LED panel.

You don’t need to worry if you are a first-time user. NBJU has got you covered by including a manual in every package to ensure you fully understand how the device functions.

  • Product Features

The NBJU TC-001 prides itself on a fully automated training experience that includes beeps, vibrations, and shocks. It has a total of seven sensitivity levels and 64 training methods.

We like that the NBJU TC-001 is water resistant. With it, your dog can still play on wet surfaces and out in the open on rainy days. You don’t have to worry about the collar malfunctioning because of the moisture.

As for the battery life, the TC-001 can last up to 12 days and only requires 30 minutes of charging. The 25-inch strap makes it easier to attach the collar to dogs with broader necks and thicker furs.

Not every collar can be used for every dog, especially if you are concerned about how your dog will react to it. Be careful when picking which would suit your pup best.

That said, we think the NBJU TC-001 is perfect for your dog’s size or breed.


  • Sleek and elegant design
  • Long battery life
  • Protective silicon caps to avoid burns
  • Easy to configure
  • Automatically operation


  •  No remote control
  • Collar’s simultaneous signals can confuse your dog
  • Nearby dogs’ barks can trigger the collar

2. Slopehill Dog Training Collar

It’s unavoidable that some dogs have undesirable habits, such as biting, chewing, barking, chasing, and digging.

If you would like to train your dog and help them get rid of such mannerisms, the Slopehill Dog Training Collar is an excellent choice.

This remote-controlled training collar is undoubtedly one of a kind. It can improve your dog’s social behavior, even when strangers are around.

You also don’t have to worry if the device might pick up the wrong signals and cause accidental shocks or vibrations. The device has a lock feature that prevents these things from happening.


This elegant collar has training features such as beep, vibration, shock, and light. These features give you more options for approaching your dog’s uncontrollable behavior.

Unlike the TC-001, the Slopehill Collar is only available in black with a neon green stripe.

  • Build and Package Inclusions

The collar mechanism measures 6.61 by 5.75 by 2.24 inches and weighs 10.55 ounces.

You can adjust the strap between eight to 26 inches, depending on your dog’s neck radius and the thickness of its neck fur.

The package also includes a remote control for the collar’s training settings. A lithium-ion battery powers the receiver.

You can charge both the remote and receiver using a cable provided in the package.

  • Product Features

The Slopehill Collar has five training modes and 99 adjustable static levels. You don’t have to worry if you think the collar lacks enough shock to help your dog correct its bad behavior.

However, be wary about using the higher settings as it comes with some risks. Some device settings would be too much for your dogs to handle. In some cases, too much shock can emotionally damage your dog in the long run.

Good thing the remote control can send signals and commands to the receiver so you can reduce the device’s power output if necessary. Moreover, the remote works perfectly over 350 feet, and the signals can go through obstructions, such as walls and fences.

One of the best features is that the remote has a safety lock. You can turn it on whenever you are not using the remote to avoid shocks from accidental button presses to ensure your dog’s safety.

The receiver has two shock nodes underneath and a charging port on the side. While the collar can last up to 15 days on a single charge, the remote lasts 45 days on standby.

The collar is fully waterproof and won’t malfunction if submerged underwater, so you don’t have to worry about your dogs’ outdoor and water-bound activities.


  • Broad remote coverage
  • Extended battery life
  • Remote has a safety lock
  • Reliable signals between controller and receiver
  • Vast selection of shock intensities


  • Some delay after pressing buttons
  • High shock intensity can harm your dog

 3. FATEAR Dog Shock Collar

With their tagline, “Happy dog, happy life,” FATEAR prioritizes your dog’s comfort and safety while being trained.

The FATEAR Dog Shock Collar is a three-mode dog accessory that prides itself on durability and quality. You can control your dogs’ undesirable behaviors even from far distances. 


With an astonishing 2000-foot control range, you can let your dogs play in a large area while sitting back in a comfortable chair. Control your dogs’ behavior with just one press of a button.

  • Build and Package Inclusions

Upon purchase, you will receive a receiver collar and a remote. The remote comes with a wrist strap for extra security, so you don’t have to worry about the remote falling off your hands.

This dog collar is available in four colors: black, dark blue, rose gold, and light blue. Even the remote control has the same color as the receiver.

The included durable nylon strap extends up to 27 inches and can fit dogs weighing between 10 and 120 pounds.

You can charge the remote and receiver with a Type-C USB cable, but the package does not include the charger.

The package also contains a user manual, four contact pillars for short and long-haired dogs, and a silicon prong case.

Use the silicon case to protect your dog’s skin from being burned.

  • Product Features

The FATEAR set is very stylish. Compared to other options with an almost rectangular or elongated collar mechanism, the FATEAR sports a round device.

Its remote has three buttons for controlling what type of training routine you want your dog to experience.

Aside from the usual beep mode, the vibration mode has eight levels. In addition, the shock mode offers 18 intensities. 

You may be wondering, why are the shock levels so low? This limitation is for administering milder shocks to dogs. Training small dogs doesn’t require high voltages, making the FATEAR the best dog training collar in terms of gentleness.

The remote’s LCD screen also has dual battery indicators, so you can check if the receiver or the remote is running out of charge. The remote also has a safety lock in case of accidental button presses.

Another cool feature is the Anti-Lost flash. You can press a button on the remote that lets the collar emit blue light. This feature allows you to find your dog in the dark.


  • Stylish design
  • Large LCD panel on remote
  • With an anti-lost feature
  • Long-lasting battery
  • Extensive control range
  • Dual battery indicators
  • Remote can control up to three collars


  • Bulky receiver
  • The receiver is prone to scratches
  • Long control delay
  • Not for dogs with higher shock resistance

 4. DOGCARE Training Collar

Suppose you have lots of dogs and want to train them simultaneously. What is better than several collars of the same model, all controllable from a single transmitter?

If you’re looking for exactly that, look no further than a set of DOGCARE Training Collars.


This collar can handle multiple and precise instructions from far distances using robust and stable signals. The low and gentle voltages will not hurt your dog from the static shock it emits.

DOGCARE makes dealing with your dog’s behavior easy with 99 levels of static shock. 

You can adjust your dogs’ collars to the right intensity to ensure that you are not hurting them.

  • Build and Package Inclusions

Every package includes one remote control and one collar with a receiver. If you want more receivers, this dog collar also comes in sets of two receivers with one remote.

You will also receive a user manual and two silicone caps for the electric nodes. The package also includes a lanyard and a USB charging cable for both remote and receiver.

  • Product Features

Like the FATEAR, DOGCARE’s training collar strap extends up to 27 inches. Nevertheless, you can use it for dogs within the weight range of 15 and 100 pounds.

The product ensures a strong and stable signal. You can also use the remote to control the receiver for over a 1000-foot range. This gives your dogs enough playroom while monitoring them.

As we know, dogs get very excited when there’s mud and water present in the play area. That is why DOCARE’s collar receiver is waterproof. It will never malfunction, even with intense moisture.


  • Usable in expansive fields and play areas
  • One transmitter controls multiple collars
  • Remote has a security lock
  • Reliable transmission signals
  • Broad selection of shock intensities
  • Offers control for many dogs


  • Extended charging time
  • Receiver vibrates when turned on, confusing dogs

5. DeluPet Training Collar

Are you worried that your dog’s training collar straps might snap or break at some point? Fear not. DeluPet allows you to replace damaged collar straps.

Let’s see what this amazing accessory has to offer.


The DeluPet training collar helps remove and prevent your dog’s uncontrollable habits like excessive barking, biting, chasing, and fighting with other dogs. This disciplinary tool will always be ready at your disposal.

Its remote also has a channel switch. It allows you to train up to four dogs simultaneously.

  • Build and Package Inclusions

The package includes an adjustable collar with a receiver and an LCD remote with a hand strap. It also packs a two-in-one charger cable, a replacement strap, and two lithium polymer batteries.

Its adjustable strap is 25 inches long, making it a good option to prevent choking if your dog has a bigger neck radius.

However, DeluPet advises pet owners to cut off the excess strap and burn its tips to avoid fraying.

  • Product Features

This device’s remote can still send signals to the receiver even at a distance of 1600 feet. It also has a security lock located on the side.

The device can perform three training functions: beep, shock, and vibrate, all adjustable through the remote. This remote has large buttons perfectly laid out, making it easier to press and locate the correct controls you want to use.

Finally, the receiver is also waterproof, so there are no worries if it gets wet.


  • Removable straps for replacement
  • With security lock on remote
  • Can cater to four dogs using one remote
  • Excellent signal range
  • Dual charger cable head for simultaneous charging


  • Only works after a few seconds of delay
  • Complicated receiver-to-transmitter configuration
  • Transmitter buttons sometimes get stuck

Buyer’s Guide

Choosing a suitable training collar for your dog can be complicated, especially if it’s your first time using one. You might want to consider the following factors:

Control Options

First on our list is the control options available to a particular dog training collar.

While many dog training collars offer variable remote control settings, some only provide complete automation.

Those with remote transmitters enable a wide range of training regimens, while those with none only target specific behavioral mannerisms.

Stimulation Intensities

In addition to control options, specific settings tend to offer varying intensities, depending on the training collar.

Some collars have a myriad of features that others do not.


Of course, remote-controlled training collars only work well with extensive signal coverage.

If you end up having a training collar with poor signal transmission properties, you might as well keep your dog on a leash.


Having a dog that loves gnawing and biting can be a cause for using only durable accessories. Nevertheless, having a dog collar that can withstand extended wear and tear and harsh weather conditions is a plus.


Of all the features to look for in a dog training collar, aesthetics is the least that your dog can appreciate.

You should get a collar that can provide your dog with maximum comfort and minimal irritation, at least when the training shocks are not active.

Choose the Best for Your Dog

Collars are proven effective as long as the collar you picked doesn’t harm your dog. Review its features carefully, and don’t always depend on it for your dog’s training.

That said, it might be a tight decision between the NBJU and the Slopehill collars. However, in terms of functionality, NBJU has the advantage due to full automation.

Not all dogs respond well to collars. Remember that using high-intensity shocks does not assure positive results.

Seek help from professional dog trainers if you’ve tried multiple collars and your dog still behaves the same as before.

If you notice that collars don’t alter excessive biting and barking, you can always use dog muzzles.