Best Probiotics for Dogs With Allergies of 2022: Complete Reviews with Comparisons

One of the essential requirements to keep our dogs healthy is a good balance of bacteria.

Probiotics can help our furry companions to have a stronger immune system, better absorption of vitamins and minerals, and easier digestion.

Dogs who suffer from allergies could also benefit from probiotics.

The best probiotics for dogs with allergies can multiply the number of good bacteria that strengthens their protection against various diseases.

Let’s explore the products designed to help our dogs have recommended intestinal microbial balance.

Best Probiotics for Dogs With Allergies Reviews

1. Purina Pro Plan Veterinary Supplements FortiFlora Canine Nutritional Supplement

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As one of the household names for pet care, Purina has almost a century of experience and expertise in producing healthy food for our pets.

The company’s Pro Plan offers advanced nutrition to keep our dogs and cats living their life with more vigor and happiness.

The FortiFlora Canine Nutritional Supplement is one of the products under this subcategory that can help our dogs have a healthy level of live microorganisms.


  • Microflora Nourishment

One of the primary features of the Purina FortiFlor supplement is to promote and maintain normal intestinal microflora in our dogs’ intestines.

A well-established microflora is one of the key qualities of a healthy pet, especially if we prefer them to be active and energetic.

It is regarded as the first line of defense that helps repel invading pathogens.

  • Nutritional Content

When it comes to probiotic content, the FortiFlora Canine Nutritional Supplement ensures your dog will have it in spades.

It features a probiotic proven to support the proliferation of normal intestinal microflora.

When your dog has a good balance of microflora, managing your dog’s diet becomes easier, especially if yours is suffering from diarrhea.

Having a good volume of it will minimize their tendency to flatulate.

Overall, your dog will have more live microorganisms at a guaranteed level.

The antioxidant content of this product will aid in strengthening the immune system.

  • Stability

Encapsulation is important in supplements because it protects essential nutrients from various elements before they are consumed.

Purina utilizes its proprietary microencapsulation process on the FortiFlora Canine Nutritional Supplement to enhance the stability and potency of its nutritional content.

  • Recognition

According to the brand’s website, the Kantar Veterinary Tracker of 2020 recognized this product as the #1 recommended probiotic brand by vets.

Kantar is a London-based consulting, data, insights, and research agency tapped by several global brands.

This consideration definitively validates that the product is one of the best probiotics for dogs with allergies.

However, you cannot base your selection just because of the recommendation of vets, as there are multiple factors to consider.

  • Safety and Consumption

You won’t have to wonder if the Purina Pro Plan Veterinary Supplements FortiFlora Canine Nutritional Supplement is for puppies or adults.

Its formulation is made to be safe for both.

Unlike other supplements, you won’t find it hard to feed your pet this supplement as it is liver-flavored for easy consumption.


  • Fast effect
  • Easy to use
  • No strange odor
  • Good packaging


  • The texture could be better
  • Pricier than other supplements

2. PetLab Co. Probiotic Chew

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Despite being a newcomer to the industry, PetLab Co. has managed to build a customer base due to its high-quality pet supplements.

It has a subscription business model that rewards loyal customers with exclusive offers and discounts.

The PetLab Co. Probiotic Chew is one of the company’s featured products for promoting a balance of good gut bacteria.


This product from PetLab Co. is formulated to provide a set of health advantages that will help improve your dog’s condition with allergies.

  • Gastrointestinal Health Support

For your dog’s health and wellness, the Probiotic Chew contains eight strains of beneficial bacteria.

They are significantly effective in maintaining gut health, contributing to better digestion, nutrition absorption, and consistent bowels.

  • Ingredients

Besides the probiotics content, the PetLab Co. Probiotic Chew consists of high-quality ingredients and cultures.

Inulin, a base of prebiotics for dogs, is included in its formulation.

It helps promote the increase of good bacteria in the intestines.

The dog-friendly antioxidants will further support and enhance your pet’s digestive health.

Nutrition from the food they intake will be more potent thanks to these chemical components.

  • Immune Response

Gut health not only affects your dog’s digestive system.

When it’s not healthy, energy levels, immune system, and other bodily functions are negatively affected.

The PetLab Co. Probiotic Chew is developed to support normal immune responses.

This is made possible by the Bacillus Coagulans, a beneficial microorganism that supports the immune system against occasional discomforts.

You can be confident that your dog will have more active moments due to a healthy digestive system.

  • Locally-Made

Unlike other companies that outsource their manufacturing process overseas, PetLab Co. ensures its products are all made in the US.

FDA is more strict in the United States, as it enforces higher standards of safety measures than most countries.

Expect the Probiotic Chew to contain effective, pet-friendly ingredients that won’t jeopardize your dog’s health.

  • Application

Many customers attest that the pork flavor of the PetLab Co. Probiotic Chew is easy to include in any dog’s diet.

They may find the taste and size of the chews to be irresistible, even for fussy eaters.

Furthermore, since it’s not in powder form, you’re less likely to overdo the inclusion of the product into your dog’s diet.


  • Secured tin can storage
  • Works for most breeds
  • Helps improve skin
  • Might work immediately


  • Not cheap
  • The smell can be strong

3. Zesty Paws Probiotic Bites

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Zesty Paws is a Florida-based pet supplement manufacturer that offers a variety of products designed to promote a healthy lifestyle for dogs and cats.

It produces supplements for immune support, gut health, behavioral, and skin support.

Among the company’s most featured supplements is the Probiotic Bites, available in four flavors.


The Zesty Paws Probiotic Bites supplement has earned praises from several customers due to these notable features.

  • DE111

The Bacillus subtilis DE111 is one of the primary components of this dog supplement.

It is a probiotic commonly used in commercial products and has proven to be capable of supporting a healthy gut microbiome.

The DE111 balances intestinal microbiota that helps digestion, immunity, and regularity.

Colloquially, it promotes immune and digestive health for humans and animals.

  • Consumption

To ensure your furry companion would have no issues consuming the Probiotic Bites, Zesty Paws made it in a soft, chewable form.

Most owners have fewer issues feeding their pets with chewable supplements than with powdered and other types.

  • Probiotic Content

Six live bacteria or probiotics are included in the Zesty Paws Probiotic Bites formula.

The six-strain gut health blend is primarily utilized for a superior gut function that helps alleviate disorders and inconveniences like diarrhea, indigestion, flatulence, etc.

  • Advanced Ingredients

Other components of this dog supplement besides the live bacteria provide additional gastrointestinal benefits.

Inactive ingredients such as coconut glycerin, rosemary extract, flaxseed, and tapioca flour improve digestion, immune response, and vitamin absorption.

Natural flavoring is also included to enhance palatability.

  • Quality

Synthetic ingredients nowadays are frowned upon by consumers due to the health risks associated with them.

Zesty Paws is aware of that, which is why the Probiotics Bites supplement doesn’t contain artificial flavors, preservatives, or colors.

While the ingredients are outsourced worldwide, the product is manufactured in the US.

This is to put the customers’ minds at ease that the process of making the supplement is of high standards.

Furthermore, the company is a National Animal Supplement Council (NASC) member.

It is a nonprofit group that aims to improve and develop the quality of animal supplement products in the industry.

Zesty Paws has passed the council’s strict, independent audit for quality.


  • Great customer service
  • Sensitive stomach-friendly
  • Effective for most breeds


  • Effects may manifest later
  • The flavor is not very enticing

4. Nutramax Proviable-DC Capsules

best probiotics for dogs with allergies

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Nutramax Laboratories has decades of experience producing high-quality pet supplements.

With over 125 quality experts and over 750 employees, the company is all-in on delivering its promise of superior quality.

The Proviable-DC Capsules are one of the popular probiotic supplements made by Nutrimax.


With its qualities, this supplement from Nutramax promises to promote optimal gut health for dogs.

  • Multiple Probiotic Strains

Unlike other standard probiotic supplements, the Proviable-DC Capsules contain a seven-strain probiotic with different properties.

It comprises Enterococcus faecium, Streptococcus thermophilus, and Bifidobacterium bifidum.

The capsules also contain different types of Lactobacillus, including bulgaricus, plantarum, and casei.

All of these strains contribute to supporting a healthy balance of intestinal microflora.

  • Prebiotics Content

Not all probiotic supplements for dogs feature prebiotics.

The Nutramax Proviable-DC Capsules feature a carbohydrate food source that helps the probiotics to proliferate.

It will be the nutrition source for the Proviable probiotics that supports their growth and colonization.

  • Application

Nutramax formulated this supplement to be applicable for dogs and cats.

Other popular probiotic supplements are designed for dogs only.

If you have multiple pets, you may find the Proviable-DC Capsules convenient.

  • Health Benefits

Factors like stress and change in diet could negatively impact your dog’s gut health.

Symptoms include loss of appetite, loose stool, and vomiting.

The Nutramax Proviable-DC Capsules may help minimize or eliminate these inconveniences by supporting your pet’s gastrointestinal functions.

  • Form

As the name suggests, this supplement is manufactured in capsule form.

This makes applying to your pet’s food a bit more challenging because you have to open the capsule first to sprinkle its contents.

However, once you do, it’s easier to spread it on the food, and there’s no need for measurement to get the correct dosage.

  • Capsule Content

The Nutramax Proviable-DC Capsules feature five billion colony-forming units (CFU) per piece.

This number of CFUs promotes a healthy balance of bacteria in your dog’s intestine.


  • For young and adult pets
  • Requires only one capsule daily
  • No smell and taste
  • Fast results


  • Expensive
  • Packaging not impressive

5. PetHonesty Digestive Probiotics Chews

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A team of experts with a combined 75 years of experience in the pet health industry is the core of PetHonesty.

The company claims it only considers premium, effective ingredients from sourcing to manufacturing.

The Digestive Probiotics Chews is one product representing PetHonesty’s dedication to top-notch quality.


Customers found the PetHonesty Digestive Probiotics Chews one of the most effective supplements for dogs with allergies due to these qualities.

  • Manufacturing

To guarantee the efficacy and quality of its products are not compromised, the company utilizes a special no-heat cooking method.

The process ensures that the nutritional value of the ingredients remains mostly intact.

According to PetHonesty, no-heat cooking for dog chews is not common because it requires extra effort, knowledge, and resources to operate successfully.

  • Probiotic Content

With six billion CFUs per serving, the Digestive Probiotics Chews food supplement has more to offer in promoting optimal gut health.

The company attests that two of the 3-gram chews contain this number of CFUs, which is significantly more than most alternatives.

Given the aforementioned volume of probiotics, you may expect more efficacy and a longer supply of probiotics.

  • Quality

The PetHonesty Digestive Probiotics Chews supplement is made with mostly natural ingredients for better health benefits.

It does not contain GMOs, sugar, soy, wheat, and GMOs.

The manufacturing facility is based in the USA and GMP-certified to ensure the highest quality possible.

  • Ease of Use

PetHonesty made this supplement have natural duck flavoring to bolster its palatability.

It is also in a soft chew form that makes it identical to treats.

Because of these qualities, your dog will find the Digestive Probiotics Chews hard to resist.

  • Intestinal Health Benefits

The product is formulated to balance the microflora in your dog’s intestine and promote proper gut pH levels.

The special enzyme blend and Lactobacillus strains improve digestion, minimize loose stool, and support its GI tract.


  • Enticing smell
  • Less pricey
  • Great customer service
  • High-quality packaging


  • Chew shape may not be consistent
  • It might be less effective for larger breeds

Which Is the Best Supplement for Dogs with Allergies?

We picked the Nutramax Proviable-DC Capsules as the best option.

Its ingredients are almost identical to other supplements on this list, with the exception of special prebiotics.

This ensures the probiotics get the nutrients they need to colonize your dog’s intestine.

Since the supplement is made to be tasteless and odorless, even picky eaters won’t notice it in their food.

Overall, its ingredients and application make the Nutramax Proviable DC Capsules superior to other supplements on this list.