30 Best Small Pet Suggestions Which Will Make Your Life Happier


Once you have made a decision that you need a small animal as a pet, then it is time to decide on the kind of animal to go with. Here we will give you a list that will help you in your decision.


These are water based pets and can be had for 15 dollars if you are looking for a common color with unusual colors costing a lot more. You will need a ten gallon tank to house them. They do well in pairs but can be noisy when it is time to mate.



These are gentle creatures that cost you a bit to keep. They are sociable enough and you can keep the males in a pair but females prefer solitude. The best part is they live a long life.



Slightly smaller than chinchillas there are quite social and can live as long as 8 years. They love to be given a dust bath.



These are rare and are also known as gerbils with fat tails. Based on what they have been bred for, they can be aggressive or docile. The males like to live in groups and females in solitude.


Dwarf Hamster

These are slightly smaller than the Syrian hamsters and thrive in pairs. But on the down side they give out a strong odor and have short life spans.


Fancy Mice

These are fun to keep and come in many types. They like to live in the cage and females tend to be social but males like to live alone. The odor they give out is really strong and unpleasant.


Fancy Rats

These are fun to keep as the animal is social. Females are more active and males tend to be lazy and laidback. Another thing you have to be careful with these pets is that they stink and tend to not mix with other pets.



They sleep quite a bit and when they don’t they are pretty active. Mostly breeders ensure that they cannot reproduce so that is one thing that you need not worry. They do tend to stink.

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Freshwater Fish

These are good when you are not looking for a pet that you need to cuddle or play around with. They look good and can be maintained with some efforts.



They are easy to handle and do not smell. But it is better to keep them away from children due to their fragile tails. But the one thing you need to remember is that they require live food.



These creatures are related to cats but have a unique personality. You can keep a genet by itself or better still as a pair. It is better to spay them to stop them from being aggressive when they reach maturity.



They are nice, have no stink and need very less space. They do well in small groups.


Guinea Pigs

These are colorful and can do well in groups. But you have to know that they are noisy and have a stink.


Hermit Crabs

These are great as pets for kids as they take very little space, do not need that much food and can be quite roughly handled as kids are wont to.



Related to the gerbil, their soft fur makes them appealing. Males will thrive in groups while females like to be on their own. But they are rare and can be quite pricey.


Madagascar Hissing Cockroaches

These are great for people who want them for novelty value Easy to maintain and take care of. Their size makes it easy to handle them.


Natal Rats

These soft and fluffy creatures are imported and used mainly used as food for snakes. They like to be social and do well in groups. But they reproduce a lot and you need to be aware of this factor.



Noisy but lively, messy but engaging, parrots need a special cast of mind to handle. They also live long lives and can be expensive to keep.


Prairie Dogs

Depending on who you talk to they are described as being fun and friendly or as being hostile. They are best kept in groups.


Pygmy Mice

These tiny and furry beings can be kept in an aquarium of 5 gallons.



These are cute and easy to handle and live as long as 5 to 8 years.


Saltwater Fish

If you like to work at providing the right environment for them then they are good for you.


Short Tailed Opossums

These animals that don’t need much space like to live alone.


Small Birds

These can be amusing to have and can provide plenty of noisy entertainment.


Spiny Mice

These are exotic and odorless creatures that are quite lively. But you need to be aware that they may bite.


Sugar Gliders

They are adorable but not easy to take care of as they need lots of fresh veggies and fruits and plenty of exercise.


Syrian Hamsters

They are good for starter pets as they are cute and cuddly. But they do have some health issues.



These creatures require a lot of space and care and also smell bad so they are not recommended for novices.


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