45 Best Wildlife Photos of The Decade

Mother Nature has been generous in her bounty and provided us with plenty of animals, birds and other creatures to fascinate us. If you are the type who likes to know more about wildlife but cannot afford to travel to all those exotic locations to go and see them then the simple thing to do is let your fingers do the walking.

There are many photographers who have made shooting the bounties of nature through their lenses so that the rest of the world can look, learn and enjoy. What better way to honor these brave and smart people who risk life and limb just to bring us that amazing picture of some exotic wild bird or animal or some creature from the depths of ocean in its own habitat? Simply look at them and imagine being there and enjoy the wildlife experience secondhand!

Ron DudleyRon Dudley

We know that the animal kingdom is full of surprises from apes that seem to have a language or mammals that have social hierarchy like humans or animals that have lots of emotion, the list of these wonders can go on.  When you look at pictures of wildlife in their natural habitat we are sure you will be moved to know more about them and want to read up on these creatures. After all a picture can be used in place of words to spur you to action, right?

Marion VollbornMarion Vollborn

We are sure some of you may have visited some of the best zoological parks across the country or visited bird sanctuary or water parks where some of these creatures are displayed in an artificial environment but only when you look at these wildlife photos will you truly know them. That is why photos of wildlife are so admired and sought after.

Best Wildlife Photos of The Decade

mukesh guptaMukesh gupta

Roeselien RaimondRoeselien Raimond

Tommy KennedyTommy Kennedy

yves adamsYves adams


lorenzo thomasLorenzo thomas


Mateuszkowalski 1Mateuszkowalski

Michael FaixMichael Faix

Miles Kenzo KoorenMiles Kenzo Kooren

Udayan Rao PawarUdayan Rao Pawar

steve bloomSteve bloom

shamil zhumatovShamil zhumatov

Kunvar Pal SinghKunvar Pal Singh

kevin cliffordKevin-clifford

Jenna StirlingJenna-Stirling

Hendri VenterHendri-Venter1

yves adamsYves adams

6Steve Bloom

Mike VeitchMike Veitch

Vadim OnishchenkoVadim Onishchenko

Robin CheesmanRobin Cheesman

Vadim OnishchenkoVadim Onishchenko

Amanda HayesAmanda Hayes

Vadim OnishchenkoVadim Onishchenko



Alejandro PrietoAlejandro Prieto

Ali JarekjiAli Jarekji

Bridgena BarnardBridgena-Barnard

David LloydDavid Lloyd

David LloydDavid Lloyd

Brendon JenningsBrendon Jennings

Dorothy parker Dorothy parker

Danielle Boudrot Danielle Boudrot

corey wilsonCorey wilson

Debbie DiCarlo Debbie DiCarlo

Chris Palmer Chris Palmer

Coburn Dukehart Coburn Dukehart

David Lloyd David Lloyd

David Moir David Moir

Joe McDonald Joe McDonald

Gregoire BouguereauGregoire-Bouguereau