Unbelievable 15 Birds with Longest Beaks

Birds are always a great fascination for the humans. This is because of the huge diversity and their awesome characteristics. Birds are the creation of nature as we are but actually they are so colorful that makes them truly attractive. You should imagine that when Mother Nature decides to specialize any creature, she does it with a style. And if you see birds, you will find one of the most amazing parts of their body is their beaks. The beaks of birds make them one of the most beautiful species on the earth. We find these beaks very beautiful but birds have some other use of it. It is very helpful for them to find and eat foods easily. So here you will be getting information about some amazing birds those have unbelievable longest beaks.

Birds with Longest Beaks:

1. Long Billed Curlew: It is the longest shore bird of North America and also known with another name Sickle Bird. They have a beak with an average measurement of 8.6 inch long. The beak of this bird is the main attraction of their whole body. The female bird have longer beak than the male ones. Long Billed Curlew has a beak that is slightly curved downwards.

15 Birds with Unbelievable Longest Beaks 1

2. Black Skimmer: The unique beak of this bird makes them completely unique from the other shore birds. They are mainly native to North and South America. The structure of their bill is slightly different and the lower mandible is longer than the upper one. The bill is mainly a mixture of orange and black color. They use their beak to hunt and search food.

15 Birds with Unbelievable Longest Beaks 2

3. American White Pelican: They are the largest aquatic bird in the world mainly native to Central and South America. The huge beak measures up to 15.2 inch. The most interesting part of their beak is that the lower mandible acts as a filter which helps them to catch fish and drain way the excess water. During the breeding season, their beak becomes deeper in color.

15 Birds with Unbelievable Longest Beaks 3

4. Roseate Spoonbill: This bird has a bill which almost looks like a spoon and that’s why spoonbill is included in their name. The bills are very long and flattened. They are mainly found in the shores of Caribbean, Central America and Mexico. This bird uses their beak to find out small aquatic insects and Fishes. Also the long legs of these birds help them to walk in water.

15 Birds with Unbelievable Longest Beaks 4

5. Flamingo: Many people know about this bird but still we are giving a small info about flamingos. Flamingos are large pink colored birds found in saline and alkaline lakes of many continents. Just like their feathers, their beaks are also very attractive which makes them special among the bird species. They have bent beaks which act as a filter. The bills have a black tip and pale orange towards the base.

15 Birds with Unbelievable Longest Beaks 5

6. Keel-Billed Toucan: They are also known as rainbow billed toucan by many people. This bird is really very colorful and native to South America. Their beak is almost 1/3rd of their body. They have one of the most colorful beaks among all the birds in the world. Their beak is normally very strong and light weight.

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7. Great Hornbill: Great Hornbills are actually one of the largest members of the hornbill family which is native to the Southeast Asia. The bill of this bird is concave shaped and it is one of the special attractions of this bird. They also have a Casque on top of their bill.

15 Birds with Unbelievable Longest Beaks 7

8. Rhinoceros Hornbill: Rhinoceros Hornbill have upward curve casque on their bill just like the rhino horn. The males have slight longer casque than the females. This bird is native to the rainforests of Indonesia, Thailand and Singapore.

15 Birds with Unbelievable Longest Beaks 8

9. Shoebill: Like the name of the Spoonbill, the Shoebill also has some source behind its name. The bill of this bird almost looks like a large shoe and is of course the most interesting feature of this bird. The generally use the sharp edges of their beaks to kill the fish prey. It also has a sharp hook at the tip of the hook.

15 Birds with Unbelievable Longest Beaks 9

10. Sword Billed Hummingbird: This bird has the longest beak in terms of the body size. No other bird has such long beak relative to their body size. Even you can say that this bird sometimes have longer beaks than their body.

15 Birds with Unbelievable Longest Beaks 10

11. Toco Toucan: Toco Toucan can never be eliminated from the list because this bird has an amazing bill that covers almost 30-50 percent of their body. Their beaks are also very useful for peeling skins from the fruit or even for reaching those places where the full body will not reach.

15 Birds with Unbelievable Longest Beaks 11

12. Kiwi: It is the only bird to have nostrils at the tips of its beak. Kiwis are known for their excellent sense of smell. They use their sense of smell to locate food through their bills.

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13. Atlantic Puffins: This bird is known as ‘The clown of Sea’ because of the red and black stripes on their beak. The beak of this bird is one of the most interesting features of their whole body which makes them so attractive among the other birds.

15 Birds with Unbelievable Longest Beaks 13

14. American Avocet: American Avocet is a very interesting bird. They have a very unique appearance and actually the beak of this bird is very thin and up curved. They generally found the crustaceans and insects from inside the water.

So here is the list of birds which are mainly famous for their unbelievable longest beaks. These beaks are mainly used for many purposes as we have said earlier in the points. So know just wait for looking them in reality.