Buying Your First Horse: What Do You Need to get for Them?

If you have just purchased a new equestrian property or horse farm and are excited to get into horse ownership for the first time, then you’ll probably know that there are lots of things that horses need. Whether you are a keen rider but have never owned a horse of your own before or are a beginner who plans to learn together with your horse and a qualified riding instructor, figuring out what you’re going to need to buy for your equine can be overwhelming. Some of the basics you will need to get when you have your first horse include:

Saddle and Bridle

If you plan to ride your horse, then you’re going to need some tack. The basics include a saddle and a bridle, along with accessories like a girth, reins, and a saddle pad. Saddles should be correctly fitted by a qualified saddle fitter to ensure that it fits both you and your horse well. An ill-fitting saddle can cause problems and even be dangerous if your horse reacts out of discomfort or pain when you are riding. 

There are several different types of horse bridles to choose from. These include a standard cavesson noseband bridle, a flash noseband bridle that puts some additional pressure on the front of the horse’s face for better control, and grackle bridles, which are also designed to add pressure to the nose. The type of bridle your horse will work better in will depend on their personality and training. Check out this range of bridles to find the right one.


You may also need some saddle pads for your horse. Not all horse breeds need to wear blankets often. Warm-blooded breeds are more likely to feel the cold and will need a suitable turnout blanket and stable one to use in the winter. Hardier breeds, like cobs and native ponies, can often go without a blanket. If you’re going to clip your horse in the winter, you will need to use a rug to make up for the heat lost. A fly blanket may also be necessary for the summer if your horse is bothered by the flies a lot. 

Stable Accessories

If your horse lives in a stable some or all of the time, then you are going to need some accessories to ensure that it is comfortable and pleasant for them. Some of the necessities include a large water bucket and hay nets. Horses should be provided with constant access to water and forage. You will also need tools for keeping the stable clean such as a bedding fork, shovel, brush, and a wheelbarrow. If your horse has a lot of energy but needs to be stabled some of the time, then you can get accessories to help keep them occupied while indoors such as treat balls, stable toys, and salt licks. 

If you’re in a position to get your own horse and keep it on your land, then be prepared for all the things you’ll need to buy for them to have a happy and comfortable life.