50 Cute and Adorable Baby Monkey Pictures

Though they are our ancestral form, but still we know a very less about monkeys. Firstly, monkeys are very intelligent and secondly they almost have the same attitudes and characteristics like us. If you jump into the scientific part, monkeys are very amazing. But here we are not going to such part rather we are keeping ourselves bounded in some fun facts about them in this article. You are going to know some amazing facts about them in this article with bonus pictures of monkey babies that are going to set you off the track. You just can’t sit and look at these pictures only; automatically some vocal expressions are going to come out here.

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All the old world monkeys are mainly found in India, Africa, Central to Southern Asia and Japan. But the new world monkeys are found in Mexico, Central and South America. Their habitat mainly varies with the species but still old world monkeys mainly habitats in the rain forests, islands, mountains and savannah. Again the new world monkeys habitats in the tropical rain forests and scrublands. And you know of course that most of the monkey species spend most of their life in trees and feed themselves on insects, fruits, nuts, eggs, fruits etc.

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Most of the monkeys are arboreal while some of them are terrestrial in nature. But now let’s discuss about some amazing facts. Do you know that monkeys can be identified with Noses, cheek pouches, tails and rump pads? Yes it is possible. Old world monkeys have small curved nostrils while the new world ones have round nostrils set apart. New world monkey have prehensile tails and they are famous for that but old monkeys do not have such tail. In fact it is hard to find tail in some old world species. Again some old world monkeys have sitting pad on their rump but new world monkeys don’t have such. Some old world monkeys also have cheek pouch where they store food for future use. But new world monkeys don’t have any such pouches.

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As this article mainly deals with monkey babes, you should know that monkey species give birth to their babies which are completely different from the color of their parents. For example, adult colobus is black colored but the baby they give birth is white. Langur babies are normally orange but their parents are full black. This color starts changing gradually after six months age. It’s though that this change of color helps the infants to get identified among the whole troop. During the first few days, like humans, monkey infants are also helpless, they rides by clinging to their mothers. But in some species, fathers take all the responsibilities. Amazingly monkeys give birth to twins or triplet but never a single baby. And apart from all these, monkey babies are very playful in nature. When the whole troop is not travelling, they will spend much of their time playing with other members. These playful natures help them to develop physically and mentally for their adult life further.

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So now after getting all these amazing information, probably a thirst is growing to see the pictures of monkey babes. Yes it’s very normal. So we are about to end our discussion here and start with the picture collection. Here we have collected high quality monkey baby pictures for you all so that you can just get hanged with this article if you are a monkey lover. Scroll down to see the amazing picture collection below collected exclusively for our readers and animal wallpaper lovers. But before ending you should know that this blog also consists of various other articles related to monkeys. Don’t leave, have a look on them also.

Cute and Adorable Baby Monkey Pictures

Monkey Baby Pictures (1)

Monkey Baby Pictures (1)

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