Dog Wipes vs Baby Wipes: What’s The Real Deal?

Cleaning wipes are some of the most incredible things ever invented.

They come in handy when you need to clean something or don’t have the means to have even a quick shower.

When it comes to cleaning your dog, it’s important to know the differences between dog wipes vs baby wipes.

Even though they have gentle ingredients, it doesn’t mean they are suitable for your puppy.

For your furry pet, you’ll want to use a specifically formulated product instead, like the Wahl’s Pet Refresh Lavender Cleaning Wipes.

What Are Dog Wipes For?

You might think that dog wipes are just another expense, but these products are actually some of the most helpful things you can have as a pet owner.

It’s true that dog wipes aren’t a replacement for a good dog bath. However, they are very useful for quick cleanups.

Dog wipes work well in removing dirt on your dog’s coat and cleaning small areas, like their paws and face.

Also, they are the perfect product to use for spot cleaning.

Sometimes, even if your dog just got a bath, it can pick up mess really quickly, especially outdoors.

You never know what his feet may have come in contact with, so it’s best to wipe down their paws before letting your pet enter the house.

Lastly, dog wipes are extremely helpful if someone in your home is allergic to pet dander.

In addition to weekly baths, using dog wipes daily will help reduce dander and allergens coming from your dog’s coat.

Dog Wipes vs Baby Wipes: Key Differences

Wipes are all the same, aren’t they?

If you can use those baby wipes on your little one with no issues at all, why can’t you use them on your pup?

Both baby wipes and dog wipes are meant for cleaning or grooming. They look pretty much the same and sometimes smell the same.

However, you shouldn’t use baby wipes for your dog, just as you wouldn’t use animal wipes for your baby.

Here are the key differences between dog wipes and baby wipes:


If you look at the ingredients list of baby wipes and dog wipes, you will see the main difference.

Dog wipes are specifically made for dogs, which means they are safe and gentle to use on your furry animal’s skin.

Most baby wipes contain ingredients that aren’t safe for dogs.

One example is propylene glycol. This substance works great in skincare products as a conditioner and humectant.

In human skin, propylene glycol promotes hydration and smoothness. In fact, it is very much helpful in babies with dry skin.

Unfortunately, propylene glycol is poisonous to dogs.

In most cases, dogs require medical treatment if they ingest it.

Initial signs of poisoning include depression, weakness, increased thirst, and involuntary muscle movements.

Even if you don’t use baby wipes around your pet’s mouth, he can still ingest toxic ingredients by licking his fur.

Many baby wipes contain additional chemicals that human skin can tolerate, but not dogs’ skin.

Examples are fragrant additives like phthalates, Linalool, Ethanol, Camphor, and Benzyl acetate.

Furthermore, baby wipes may include essential oils, alcohol, and moisturizers that are safe and great for human skin.

However, there’s a good chance that these ingredients are toxic to your dog if ingested.

pH Levels

Another reason why you shouldn’t use baby wipes on your dog is because they have different pH levels.

A human’s skin has a pH balance between 5.0 and 6.0, while a dog’s skin sits somewhere between 6.5 and 7.5.

As you probably remember from your high school class, the pH level indicates how acidic your skin is.

That said, a dog’s skin has less acidity than a human’s skin. This means that even baby wipes are less gentle for your dog.

Using them on your pet can lead to irritation, itching, sores, and other skin problems. 

At the same time, it can make them more vulnerable to developing dermatitis and fungal infections.


Baby wipes are typically smaller in size.

In general, most sheets will measure around 5.9 inches by 7.8 inches. Thus, they are a little too small for cleaning your furry friend.

Meanwhile, dog wipes are generally larger, with some wipes measuring nine inches by nine inches.

Whether you have a small-breed fur-baby or a giant one, you want relatively larger wipes that make cleaning your pet a lot easier.


You should also remember that dog wipes are made with dog messes in mind.

Babies don’t get as dirty as dogs do. Many times, you will only be dealing with sweat, dust, and, yes, poop.

For this reason, you really can’t expect baby wipes to be thick and highly durable.


While baby wipes come in many brands, styles, and fragrances, they generally have the same purpose and can be used on most parts of your baby’s body.

Dog wipes, on the other hand, come in several types.

Some wipes are specifically meant for the face, while others should only be used for the rest of the body, paws, and ears.

You will also find dog wipes containing antiseptic ingredients designed to clean and disinfect wounds or abrasions on dogs’ skin.

That said, you wouldn’t want to overuse medical wipes.

Save them for occasions when your dog is experiencing fungal or bacterial infections on the skin.

Grooming wipes are much better for daily use.

They don’t contain alcohol and other compounds that can be a little too harsh for your dogs when used regularly.

dog wipes vs baby wipes difference

What We Recommend

If you’re looking for dog wipes, Wahl’s Pet Refresh Lavender Cleaning Wipes makes a fine choice.

These dog wipes are meant to be used on your pet’s face, ears, paws, and body, so there’s no need to buy other specialty wipes.

In addition, Wahl’s Pet Refresh is large enough to allow for quick and easy touch-ups and works well on small and large breeds alike.

It’s also worth knowing that these wipes are made from plant-derived sources.

The addition of lavender and chamomile extracts produces a soothing scent, which is useful when dealing with a nervous dog.

Can You Use Baby Wipes on Dogs?

The simple answer is no.

However, if you are only using them occasionally or when you badly need to wipe down dirt from your pup, you can.

Given the significant differences between baby wipes and dog wipes, you want to use the product designed for your pets.

Nevertheless, it won’t cause any harm if you use baby wipes very occasionally or during an emergency cleanup situation.

Below are the instances when it’s safe to use baby wipes for your pooch:

The product is labeled “pet-safe.”

Some wipes don’t contain alcohol and other ingredients that can harm pets. 

In that case, it’s very important that you always check the ingredients.

If you see things like alcohol or propylene glycol and artificial scents, they aren’t safe for your pet.

You stick to areas your dog can’t lick.

Since you don’t want your dog to ingest any harmful substance from the baby wipes you’re using, you want to stick to areas that your pet can’t lick.

These include the face, behind the ears, and inside the ear canal.

Try to avoid using baby wipes on your dog’s face and around their eyes.

Alternatives to Baby Wipes

Remember that you’ll be good to go next time with dog wipes when your pet needs some cleaning, but you can’t get them into the tub.

In that case, most fur-parents choose not to use baby wipes on their dogs altogether.

What can you use then?

Microfiber Towel

If possible, use a microfiber towel instead of baby wipes.

If you’re not in a rush and just lounging at home, a microfiber towel is an excellent alternative to baby wipes.

Soak the towel in warm water and dog shampoo, give it a good squeeze, and you’re good to go.

You can safely wipe down your dog, especially the areas that need cleaning.

Dry Shampoo

You can also use dry dog shampoo. Waterless shampoo works just like regular dog shampoo.

It does a great job absorbing excess oils on the skin and coat, leaving your dog smelling fresh and clean.

While they are not as effective as cleaning with water and shampoo, they come in handy when your pup needs cleaning up, but you can’t bathe them.

If you’re just concerned about the stinky smell in your dog, you can use a deodorizing spray for dogs.

Many of these products contain natural ingredients that can even soothe itchiness and help relieve shedding.

Do Not Use Baby Wipes on Your Dog

Now you know the real deal when it comes to dog wipes vs baby wipes.

To sum up, you shouldn’t use baby wipes on dogs.

Baby wipes often contain alcohol and other compounds that are safe for your baby’s skin but could be poisonous for your pup.

Aside from the formulation, dog wipes are engineered so that they are gentle for the dog but tough on mess.

That said, these wipes are usually bigger, thicker, and have textures to get rid of sticky dirt easily.

With Wahl’s Pet Refresh Lavender Cleaning Wipes at home or in your travel bag, you have peace of mind when you need to freshen up your pet.