5 Easy DIY Cat Toys You Can Try At Home With Tutorials

If you are craving for a cuddle that relaxes you, try to cuddle with your cat! *Isn’t it a feeling that’s just out of the world*! You will want to give me a hi-fi people, because what we have here for you all today is bit high on cuteness. While cats can bring us such happiness, why not we just return the favor?

Stop your brain from running after thoughts of what to do for your cat! Because I think, I have just figured it out on your behalf. What else could be more happening but this brainstorming pocket-friendly yet Easy DIY Cat Toys You Can Try At Home and make your cats feel lucky? You are going to love us even more when I say that you can try all of them at home with tutorials.

Easy DIY Cat Toys You Can Try At Home

Harmless Straw Catchers
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What you’ll need: Just different colors of straw
All you need to do is, fold the straws into different shapes and stick them like that and Tada! You’re done! Let your cat play with it all day long. The best part will be when your cat runs after it when it flies off in the air.

A DIY Ball For The Cat
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What you’ll need: Empty paper roll cardboard tube, scissors and markers
Cut the cardboard tube into rings (Use your finger to take measures of the ring). Make at least 3 rings of the tube. Now, place one ring inside the other in horizontal and vertical ways. Take the third ring and fix it up diagonally in such a way that, all three rings fit together, like a star. If you have more rings, squeeze them in too. Now, use the marker and draw all kinds of doodles as you like and you have your Easy DIY Cat Toys You Can Try At Home ready to present!

Cat Friskies

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What you’ll need: Felt (preferably 5”X 5’’), plastic bands and pair of scissors
Start with cutting the fabric into about 12 to 14 small pieces. Now, take 2 strings at a time, and tie knots around the plastic bands. Use the band to double knots the strings. Repeat this with all the rings one by one till you don’t make it look like a flower with the band as the middle section of it. Use it just like that or make it colorful by using different types of felts or adding some colorful smileys in the middle of the frisky.

The Wine Cork Toy
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What you’ll need: Some artificial colored feathers and wine cork
Yes! That’s it. To make this adorable cat toy, you do not need anything else. Just take the wine corks and stuff some lovely artificial colored feathers into it. That’s it! Let your cat play along with these all along and let them carry it in their mouth the whole day, nothing harmful. If you want to use it as a toy to make your cat jump, then add some long strings to it, and make your cat jump by holding this in your hand. Ensure that you are sticking the feather quite firmly inside or it may come out when your pet takes it in their mouth.

A Cat Tower For Your Pet
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What you’ll need: A long stick, cardboard and glue stick
Cut the cardboard into as many square pieces as you can and exact in the center, cut holes so that the long stick can get into it. Now, either, insert all the cardboard pieces through this long stick or stick all the pieces with glue and then put them through this long stick. The later will ensure durability, but you can choose either of the two. You can color them or just let the tower stand like that. Place it in the center and see your cat turn into one curious animal to decode this entire big tower.If you love surprising your loved ones with some great gifts at Christmas time, continue the good habit by surprising your feline friend with a Christmas treat as well. These Useful Christmas Gift Ideas For Your Cat are a surefire way of making the little kitty as happy as the cat that swallowed the cream.

Pro Tip: While you just love this idea of DIY, ensure that you are not using any material that is harmful to your pet. It is always advised to be near your cat while they are playing with these stuff and DIY toys so that you can be sure that they are not eating away the materials used to make the toys. If any part of the DIY toy comes loose, fix it immediately.

So, what are you waiting for my friends? Get going, grab all these easy materials that can be found at your house very conveniently. Combine them with your creativity and you are all set to gift your cat some really awesome and Easy DIY Cat Toys You Can Try At Home without losing much of your pocket’s weight, and they cannot say it, but after this, I know, they will love you even more!