40 Funny Cow Pictures to Make your Day Dump

They say that when you are throwing a tantrum for you not to have a cow, but come to think of it cows can be really fun. In fact there are quite a few funny cow pictures to “moove” you to laughter that will bring tears to your eyes.  Sometimes it is not that the cow has done something funny in the picture but that it just happens to be the way things have panned out.

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If you happen to come across the picture of a cow slowly chewing its cud, it is bound to make you grin at the hilarious picture that it presents. Sometimes it is the ways cows interact with each other and other animals that will have you chuckling. Cows do tend to weird things with their tongues and this makes things look really funny. In some cases, it is not just the picture of the cow itself but the caption that goes with it that will make you guffaw in delight.

Though cows are seen as largely placid creatures that amble along life at a leisurely pace, they do tend to inadvertently land in situations that while difficult to get out of are also pretty funny. Like a cow getting its head stuck in a fence or some other place can make it a really funny cow picture even the cow did not intend it as that in the first place.

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Sometimes, it is simply the way the cow brings its nostrils really close to the camera when the picture is being clicked that makes for a funny cow picture. In some instances it is the way the calf ambles alongside the mamma cow that makes a moving yet funny cow picture.  Though the cow is a docile creature that moves along at its own leisurely pace, it does present itself in some hilarious situations.

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Which is probably the reason that there are so many silly, cute and funny pictures and slogans based on this cute creature. These pictures not only use the features of the cow in an exaggerated manner to make things funny but also tend to pun words like “moo” “hoof””milk” etc to make interesting catch lines to keep the giggles going. Plus there are some clichés and phrases based on these cute bovine creatures which seem to tickle the funny bone in so many ways. That is why looking at these pictures is bound to perk up your day in many ways.

Funny Cow Pictures

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