How Does a Wireless Dog Fence Work?

The booming pet tech industry started when Millennials dominated the income-generating population. It is a well-known fact that many of them put marriage and children on the back burner. Instead, they are opting to adopt furry babies and make them fully-fledged family members. Almost a third of the human population belongs to a pet-owning household—with dogs as the major pet of choice.

For these people, the happiness and needs of their fur babies come first above all else. They are ready to splurge hundreds of dollars on luxurious pet durables without batting an eyelash. They are prepared to file a “leave of absence” at work for routine vet check-ups or health issues. People’s overwhelming passion for dogs made the pet care industry earn billions in less than a year. Its market is predicted to continue its upward progress for years to come. From simple smart food bowls to robust microchipping technology, the industry is full of ideas to entice canine owners. One new innovation that pet parents are investing in is a wireless dog fence or invisible dog fence. 

Putting up boundaries for your fur babies can prevent your pooch escaping and getting lost, ruining your neighbor’s garden, or even running out into the road. You can set up a fence, gate, or use a leash whenever you two are going for a walk. However, there are now cost-efficient ways for your canine to enjoy the outdoors while you have peace of mind.

What Is A Wireless Dog Fence?

Wireless or electric dog fences are forms of a containment system that acts as an “invisible” fence or border around your outdoor area. It consists of an insulated wire, a transmitter, and a collar with a receiver which produces a reasonable amount of electricity to prevent them from crossing your border. Look for Best virtual pet fence for maximum safety.

There are many kinds and designs of electronic fences in the market, but one thing remains the same—the use of electric shocks to discipline your pet.

It is advertised to help owners in training canines the discipline of staying within your area. It is also marketed as a tool to train canines with temperament and barking issues. Some use it as a strange way of teaching them proper house behavior and dog tricks.

wireless dog collar

How Does a Wireless Dog Fence Work?

1.   Mechanical mechanism

You’ll need to bury an insulated sensor wire within your outdoor perimeter. It should be one to three inches below the surface to prevent lawn mowing accidents. The electronic wire then needs to attach to a transmitter which is responsible for producing and controlling electric charges. Your dog collar will come with a lightweight receiver with a six-volt battery power.

Different manufacturers may differ in product design or name, but the gist of the system applies for every kind of electric fence.

As the receiver (in the collar) nears the buried wire, it will receive a radio signal from the wire that prompts it to produce a beeping sound. This sound will alert the dog that it is nearing the boundary. If the dog continues to proceed and run past the boundary, the receiver emits an electric shock to stop your dog and make him retreat.

2.   Psychological mechanism

Manufacturers promote the tech as a psychological device to help you train your canine. It is based on Skinner’s operant conditioning where a punishment lessens the occurrence of unwanted behavior.

The use of an invisible fence should be accompanied by proper canine training. Before powering the electricity, you should first teach your dog to obey the beeping sound as a warning not to go past the boundary.

After laying down the rules, the shock collar reinforces this discipline in the form of a correction. Treats and rewards should be provided whenever they obey your command. As the canine gets used to the electric shocks as a form of correction, they will soon develop proper behavior whenever they are outside.

The Cons Of Wireless Dog Fences

As we all know, technology is prone to malfunctions and system failures. Unpleasant circumstances can still happen, even with a top-grade innovation.

  • Different dogs exhibit different temperament problems. Huge pets with aggressive behavior may withstand the electric shock and still run past the boundary. This increases the likelihood of your dog from inflicting accidental bites or injuries to another person.
  • Not monitoring the battery of the receiver may also result in accidents mentioned above.
  • The biggest debate on the use of electronic fences is its harmful way of embedding discipline to your furry pets. Many non-profit dog organizations call out companies on their misleading advertisement of the product as “safe”. Like with humans, using fear and pain as a means of establishing the desired behavior causes psychological trauma to animals.