How to Prevent Pet Poisonings: Help Guide

Animals are very curious in nature especially dogs and cats. A person, who loves to keep pet animals in home, should know that most of the pets have a habit of curiously eating various household items. Some of these household items are very dangerous for your pets.

Eating those household items causes poisoning in animals which make these animals quiet ill. Actually you will notice that your pets will always love to eat some very common household items.

But these very common items are too much poisonous for the pet animals. So you will have to keep these products always from your pet so that they don’t get close to these products.

Ways to Prevent Pet Poisoning:

House Plants: Some household plants which look very beautiful in household are very poisonous for animals. If you look into the list, the first names are Lily, Poinsettias, and Chrysanthemums. And incidentally these plants are mostly common in the households. So be very careful before keeping these plants in home because your pet cat and dog can have a bite anytime. And it results in rash, liver failure, Vomiting etc.

how to prevent pet poisonings1

Medicines: Human medicines are sometimes very dangerous for animals. According to the veterinarian most of the poisoning in animals is caused by human medicines. If you or any other member of your household is under medication then store the medicines in such a place that the animals can’t reach there and always inside a cupboard or any other closed surface.

how to prevent pet poisonings2

Human Foods: Some very common foods that human eats all the time are very poisonous for the pets. Commonly we know that chocolates are not at all a good food option for the pets but also keep in mind that Grapes, Raisins, avocados are much dangerous for pet animals although very healthy for us. The chemical substances present in these food products causes very serious symptoms in animals.

how to prevent pet poisonings3

Antifreeze: Antifreeze is another deadly and hazardous substance for pet animals. Actually when you will be out with your pet in roads or street be careful and notice that there is no trace of antifreeze substance lying around. Actually these are also found on streets lying here and there most of the time. And if there is a antifreeze substance stored in your store room or garage then prevent your pet from going in those places or store the antifreeze items in some remote places where your pet can’t reach out.

how to prevent pet poisonings4

Rodenticides: Rodenticides or chemicals used for killing rodents are harmful for both pets and humans. Actually it is a type of poisonous substance used to kill rodents in the household. Be careful as these rodenticides also works in pet animals like dogs and cats as well. Also it is very harmful for the children. So always keep these things aside from pets and children to avoid poisoning.

how to prevent pet poisonings5

Household Cleaners: Cleaning substances such as detergents, cleaning acids, floor cleaners are very toxic for these pet animals. So don’t keep these substances lying here and there in your household. It can cause even death in your pet. Actually the household cleaners are very powerful chemicals substances.

how to prevent pet poisonings6

Paint: Although not known that what substances are used for making paints but it is sure that it is very harmful for pet animals. Many pet animals are seen to die because of consuming paint substances. So, after finishing house painting close all the paint containers so that the animals don’t get a chance to taste the painting substance.

how to prevent pet poisonings7

Xylitol: Xylitol is a sugar alcohol very common in household. Actually these types of chemical substances are used in chewing gums. Also it is available in market in powder form used in bakery items. It is also found in toothpaste. This substance increases the blood pressure in dogs and sometimes also results in liver damage.

how to prevent pet poisonings8

There are many such house hold items which are too much harmful for these innocent animals. So it is your duty always to keep your pet away from these substances. If any serious condition happens immediately inform a veterinarian or take your pet to a vet hospital. Don’t ever be casual in these matters.