12 Animal Species Which Are Considered Among The Oldest On Earth

There are literally millions of animal species in this world and the fact is that science is aware of only a very small portion of them. But even these come to a huge count. Plus there are those species that have gone extinct and some which are going extinct. Do we really comprehend much about animals that came before and are still living? Yes they do; deep within the sea.

The Goblin Shark that is estimated to be 118 million years old is a scary being indeed and we should be happy that they live in the depths of the ocean and are not seen much by us. But the fact is they have been on our planet longer than us. One of the goblin sharks that had been captured in 2007 and which died within days did provide scientists some clue about this creature.

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The Martialis Heureka Ant that is estimated to be 120 million years old , are very much recent in as far as the knowledge of these beings in humans is concerned. That is because man  discovered the very existence of these blind and hidden ants only in 2008.

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The frilled shark that is estimated to be 150 million years old has an appearance that is somewhere between eel and shark. These too live in the bottom of the ocean and are rarely seen by human beings.

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The Tadpole shrimp that is estimated to be 220 million years old is also an endangered species. The reason for this long period of existence is due to the quality of their eggs that can lie dormant in a dry stage for a long time and then come back to life when rehydrated.

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The sturgeon that is estimated to be 200 million years old these have a slow growth and maturity cycle resulting in them living for 100 years.

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The Horseshoe shrimp that is assumed to be 200 million years old have not changed at all with the passage of time.

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Lamprey that is estimated to be 360 million years old are actually parasites that are quite creepy with round mouths that have many small sharp teeth and they look like eels.  Fossils from the past have shown that this creature has not changed at all.

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Coelacanth that is estimated to be 360 million years old was considered extinct until they were discovered once more. These are quite similar to the fish that in times past evolved enough to crawl out of water and become a land creature.

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Horseshoe Crab that is estimated to be 445 million years old are one of the creatures on our planet that have not changed for such a long time.

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Nautilus which is assumed to be over 500 million years old is one creature that has survived so much but now is in danger of being extinct due to their shells that human beings have taken a liking for.


Jellyfish that is estimated to be  505 million years old as per the latest studies but we never know, we may come across evidence to show that they are even older than that.

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Sponge estimated to be 760 million years old could almost be considered the oldest existing being on this planet apart from the microorganisms. The evidence of the existence of a fossil that was found last year in a rock that was 760 million years old. We never know but we could find evidence to show that they are older than that.

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