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10 Most Venomous Snakes In The World

Whether you agree or not snakes are quite a beautiful looking creature and also happen to be a predator that can be found in abundance. They possess one of the most dangerous ways of killing; using poison from their fangs. The fact is that many snakes we see around the world are one that are not venomous, the ones on the list given here are among the most poisonous. This list is not regarding the one that come under the category of the most dangerous but in terms of the most venom per bite and the level of toxicity in the lab. You also have to understand that in the laboratory the venom is tested on rats and the way the poison will metabolize in humans is going to be different.

10 Most Venomous Snakes In The World

Common death adder

This one is a species called the Death Adder and is a native to Australia. Considered one of the most poisonous land snakes in the country as well as the world this one unlike the others of its species is pretty widespread. It is also facing more and more threat from the invasion of the Australian Cane toad.

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Russell’s viper

This is a snake that is counted among the most dangerous of snakes in the whole of Asia and is responsible for many deaths on an annual basis. Once a person is bitten by this snake they will have intense pain along with swelling, nausea, blood not coagulating and also failure of the kidney. The effect that the venom on the clotting ability of the blood and the effect it has on kidneys has been studied in order to learn the right way to treat patients who have been bitten.

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Inland taipan

Also called the western taipan, this snake with small scales is a fierce one that is also highly poisonous snake belonging to the taipan genus. It is commonly seen in the semi arid areas of Australia in the central east areas.

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Eastern brown snake

This is also called the common brown snake and belongs to the venomous elapid snakes of the Pseudonaja species. This snake is ranked as the second in the line of the most poisonous snakes on the basis of the LD50 value in mice. This snake is native to Papua New Guinea, Australia and Indonesia.

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Common krait

This is also called the Indian Krait or the blue krait is a part of the species of Bungarus genus and can be seen in the Indian Subcontinent jungles. It is part of the four of the snake species credited with the most number of snake bites in India.

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Tiger snake

This poisonous snake can be spotted in the Australian southern regions as well as the coastal islands and also Tasmania. These snakes are of different colors, many a times having bands like that on a tiger and other forms. All the snakes are of the genus Notechis and their many qualities have been described in many other smaller groups of this special and sometimes you will see them being classified as a separate species.

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Carpet viper

Belonging to the genus of poisonous vipers that are seen in the dry areas of Pakistan, Sri Lanka, The middle east, Africa, India among others. They have a typical display to threaten and they rub parst of their body to make a sizzling kind of warning. The common name given to them is the saw scaled vipers and these snakes are part of the species that are held responsible for many snake bite cases and the deaths resulting from them the world over. Currently eight of these species are recognized.

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This is a part of the poisonous pit vipers that can be spotted in forest regions of central and South America. The general name is referring to the one part of the three fates that are mentioned in Greek mythology who were responsible for determining the length that would be the thread of your life. Currently three of these species are recognized.

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Black mamba

This one is also called black mouthed mamba or the common black mamba is a very poisonous snake belonging to the genus dendroaspis and is part of the sub-Saharan area of Africa. This was first described in the year 1864. It is the longest snake species of poisonous snakes in Africa and also the second in length as far as poisonous snakes are concerned after the King Cobra. It is also the snake that can move quickest in Africa and one among the fastest on earth. It can move as much as 11 kilometer per hour for a distance of 43 m.

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Beaked sea snake

Also called the common sea snake or the hook nosed sea snake or the valakadyn sea snake, this one is highly poisonous and is commonly seen throughout the tropical indo-pacific area. It is responsible for as many as half the bites for sea snakes and also responsible for many deaths.

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