Preparing Your Home For A Tabby Cat With These 3 Helpful Tips

Tabby cats are among the most popular variations of the domestic cat, famed for their beautiful coats that feature intricate swirling patterns, deep colours, and attractive stripes. 

If you decided to adopt a tabby cat and are getting ready to bring them home for the first time, there are a few things you need to do to prepare. Check out these three tips for preparing your home for a tabby cat. 

Set Aside A Safe Space

Cats don’t like change, to the point that some healthy cats have been observed faking illness to protest changes in their lives. Even small alterations to their daily routine can upset them, so bringing a cat into a new home full of people they haven’t met can be stressful for them. 

To ease your cat’s transition and help them settle into their new home, set them aside a relatively private space. This could be a spare room or a quiet corner that doesn’t see as much traffic.

Leave your cat’s food bowl, water bowl, and litter tray in this space, and set up a bed with blankets. This way, your cat won’t need to leave this space if it doesn’t want to. If you have a blanket from their previous home this might provide some familiarity which will help keep them calm. During the transitionary period let the cat come to you in its own time and when it feels safe and comfortable enough to do so. 

Check Your Houseplants

When safeguarding your home for your new tabby cat’s arrival, you’ll obviously want to remove or hide away harmful substances like cleaning chemicals. However, there are less obvious dangers that can pose a serious threat to your cat’s health – houseplants. 

We all love houseplants, they brighten up the place and can bring a bit of the natural world into our homes. However, some houseplants are toxic for cats, and can even be lethal if ingested. 

Lilies can be dangerous, even the pollen can cause kidney failure and death. Ensure you check all of the houseplants in your home and remove any that are poisonous for cats. 

Poisoning is serious situation and will require an immediate trip to the vet. Not only will this be an incredibly difficult time for you and your cat, but it can also be expensive. These things are not always a 100% preventable so its worth getting insurance to help cover some or all the bills should the worst happen. Have a look at pet insurers like Petsure and get your cat insured with a policy that covers accidents and medical emergencies. 

Secure The Home

Traditionally, cats have been left free to roam outside. Unfortunately, for those living in big cities or in high flats, this might not be as feasible. Thankfully, cats are perfectly capable of living their lives indoors, as long as they have adequate stimulation. 

Bear in mind, cats can fit through the smallest of gaps and squeeze themselves into unbelievably tight spaces. If your home isn’t properly secured, this can spell disaster, and you could find that your indoor cat isn’t indoors any longer. 

In a new home, a cat may feel anxious enough that escape is the only option. Be it through a slightly open window or up the chimney, a frightened cat might run at anything that appears to be an exit from its current situation. 

Before bringing your tabby cat home, go over your house thoroughly and block off any potential escape routes until they get used to their new setting. 


There are a number of things that you need to do when preparing to bring a new tabby cat home for the first time. Follow the three tips in the guide above to ensure your home is safe and ready for your feline friend’s arrival.