Pet Care Tips: 3 Ways To Make Your Home More Comfortable for Your Pet

According to a 2022 survey by the American Pet Products Association, 90.5 million US households own a pet today.

Even though 70% of houses are home to pets, our furry friends are sometimes overlooked when it comes to home design. Just like us, they need a home that’s safe, clean, and comfortable – and it’s your responsibility to provide that.

If you’re getting a new pet or want to make your current pet more comfortable around the home, these pet care ideas will tell you everything you need to know.

Read on for three affordable pet care tips for making your home more animal-friendly.

1. Create a Designated Sleeping Area

Your pet needs a place of its own to rest, relax and sleep. By creating a designated area for them, you’ll ensure they always have somewhere they feel safe and secure.

The chances are your pet already has a favorite spot in your home. If possible, this is where you should set up their sleeping area. Some pets feel safer under a table or in a slightly elevated position. You might need to adjust the position of your pet’s bedding a few times before they’re comfortable.

Try making a nook for your pet near a door, in an area with a stone or anti-scratch flooring.

2. Buy Easy-Clean Bedding

One essential and easy pet care practice is to ensure they always have clean, fresh bedding. Buy a pet-safe, semi-waterproof blanket for ease of cleaning.

You’ll need to make sure you have a fresh supply of bedding ready so that you can cycle between washes. That way, your pet will always have somewhere warm, clean, and dry to sleep.

Clean bedding also helps keep ticks and fleas at bay. Plus, it will help keep your home smelling fresh. Washability is an important issue to consider when choosing materials for your pets. It may seem like advanced pet care, but it’s really not.

3. Make Access Easy

Your home should be easily accessible to your pet, especially if you have an older animal. If you’ve noticed your pet is struggling around the house, there are many small changes you can make.

Consider providing your cat with a low-sided litter box that is kinder to their joints, or raising your dog’s food and water dishes to a more comfortable height.

While you’re at it, think about how your pet enters and exits the house. A cat flap or dog door means they can come and go as they please. Check out this dog door installation service for information and products.


As a pet owner, you want your furry friends to be as comfortable as possible. We hope this guide has inspired you to check out some practical, affordable pet care additions for your home.

A comfortable pet is an asset to your family. Show them how much they mean to you by upgrading your house today.

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