50 Pictures of Cats being Naughty

Cats as we know can never be owned and in fact if anything they own you and your home too. Anybody who has a cat as a pet will tell you this and they will also tell you that while having a cat will not have the same exuberance as having a dog as a pet, it definitely has a lot of delights to offer. A cat being naughty is a delight to watch and it is quite different from watching a little dog getting up to his or her tricks.

You will know when you come across a cat being naughty there is going to be a big mess to clear up but still you know you are going to smile imagining how the little feline managed to create the mess it did. Here are some things that you should know about cats getting into mischief:

A cat is determined:

Unlike dogs, which can be easily distracted, cats tend to have a single track mind when it comes to getting what they want. This means when a cat is being naughty it is going to be determined to see things through to the end and in this case, means getting into or completing whatever it is trying to do. So watch out; that string that the cat is trying to pull or the curtain that it is trying to hang on or anything that the cat is trying to do is mostly going to be accomplished.

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It can make a game of anything:

Cats especially when they are kittens are very amusing to watch. This is because they can make any little thing into a game. Even a piece of string can be a great game to them. They love playing around and making mischief with little things that catch their attention and interest. This means any object that comes in their path can be a cause of amusement for them and for the people who are watching it.

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Cats can be possessive:

Another thing that brings out the naughty side of cats is the fact that they are quite possessive. This means they are possessive of things that they normally use and the places they normally occupy. If it happens that another pet or even a person tries to occupy this space, they tend to get naughty. They can play tricks and do all sorts of things to get the things that they are possessive about.

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They are quiet:

One more thing that you have to know about cats being naughty is that they can be really quiet about it and you will not know about what they are up to till they are done because of this very reason. That is why if you have a feline pet at home, you will need to keep an eye on things so that you know what they are up to.

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Cats can get into things:

Since the cat is possessed with an almost liquid way of moving, this often means that they can squeeze into containers that you may never have thought that they could get into. This can be really amusing to watch.

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As you may know cats are sensual and really graceful beings and no matter what they do they tend to do with a kind of grace that is amazing. Once you have a cat as a pet you will come to realize why so many people are so crazy about having these often vain and selfish beings as pets. They can be a constant source of delight and can provide you with much entertainment with their antics.

Pictures of Cats being Naughty

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