PROS and CONS of Raising Chickens

Many people have a hobby of raising chickens. Actually chickens are very beneficial for humans by various ways. Chickens are widely known to be very friendly in nature and behavior. They are very homely and calm. Now, coming to the main point if you are planning to raise chickens, you should be aware of some points.

Not that raising chickens are all about advantages it also have some disadvantages. So before stepping into the part you need some good knowledge about the PROS and CONS of raising chickens.

So keeping in mind about the essentiality of some important tips and advice animals.ekstrax came with this article to give an outline idea about both positive and negative sides of this interesting subject.

PROS and CONS of raising chickens1

PROS of Raising Chickens:

Let’s discuss about the positive sides at first

1. Chickens can give you a great business if you are really willing to do it. You will get eggs all over the year and also meat is always a demanding product of chicken.
2. Some breeds of chicken lays one egg a day.

That means you will get 5-7 eggs a week from a single hen. But some of the chicken breeds lay 3-4 eggs a week. So it fully depends on the breed you are raising. And if the raising is for homely purpose you will be getting good quality eggs rather buying it from a local store.

3. Chickens are very friendly towards human being. Very rarely it is seen that hens attack humans. So when you will be in mental stress you can choose to spent time with them and they will surely give you a great relief. Just try to spend half an hour with them to get some good company.

4. Chickens are a very good source of fertilizer. The excretory products released by the chickens can be used as fertilizer for plants.

Chicken poops are now widely used as fertilizer everywhere.
5. Raising backyard chickens prevents overuse of antibiotics while producing foods. Actually a lot of antibiotics are used in various poultry farms to increase productions.

But in case of backyard chickens antibiotics are not used as a result the health benefits increases in the food products.

PROS and CONS of raising chickens2

CONS of Raising Chickens:

1. Remember chickens are very dirty. So if you are planning to raise chickens you will have to clean the coops regularly to prevent your hens from bacterial diseases. They make their coops very dirty within a very short time. Try to use straw or pine shavings for cushioning in their coops. But the straws and pine shavings should be replaced once in a month.
2. Chicken creates a lot of dust that are very harmful for our lungs. Actually they scratch their body on wall and on the coop surface which results in creation of a dust which is very harmful for our body. The coop walls should be cleaned with vacuum cleaners in a regular interval. And also when cleaning you should wear gloves and mask to protect yourself.
3. Like us, they are also very vulnerable to diseases and a result they suffer a lot from bacterial diseases. And finding a good veterinary treatment option for hens are quite tough.
4. As the hens grow older the production of eggs declines. As a result you have to decide what to do with aged hens. At that time they need some special care but still they will be unable to give production performance like the younger ones.
5. You will have to keep someone to pick the eggs daily so that the chickens don’t get the scope to eat their own eggs. Actually chickens have a habit to eat their own delicious egg. As a result the eggs get wasted.

There are many PROS and CONS but above we have discussed some of the important ones. Surely all the above informative points will help you out for starting the job of raising chickens and spend a lot of time in it.