10 Reasons How Your Dog Completes You

Dogs can be as understanding and lovable as the “Akita” in “Hachi: The Dog’s Tale” or they can be as irritating and loveable as in “Marley and Me”. Though, the part where they are loveable never get eliminated and that is why Dogs completes you. They define the true definition of love and respect. Despite of not being able to convey messages verbally, their actions say it all! Some dogs have floppy ears while some have straight, again some have round ones, but what’s the reason behind that? If there is a specific feature then what is it? Yeah! you will get all your answers

Reasons How Your Dog Completes you

1. Shout at Him but He will still Love You!

You – “Ugh… Stop Barking and Get out for a while”
Your Pooch – “Whatever you are saying, I Love you Too!”

Yes, this is how they really are. The way they remain so calm and cheery makes us love our lives all over again. No matter if something is pushing your shout back when your pet is irritating you but he will always look at you the same way, completely in love!

2. Why worry when your Buddy is with you

May it be the situation where your neighbors’s doggie is pissing you off or where you have to confront your enemy strongly, just give a hint to your buddy and he will let everyone know what fear looks like. Merely, the fact that your dog is there to stay by your side no matter will give you yet another reason how your dog completes you.

3. You got Rigidities? Play with him

Life, it is! And it has ups and downs! Ups are where your dog will dance with his ball in his mouth and keep on asking you to play with him forever. Downs are where he would silently lay down with you touching his body with you intimately and make you know that he is still there with you. Or probably, he will just come and desire for a hug!

4. They Always Remember the Connection They Have with You.

You wanna get ahold of his tail and pull it or you just wanna scramble and rub his face or cheek screw or rub his ears or pinch him lightly as to tease him… do it all! He will always remember how you have been teasing him and how he have been doing just one thing to piss you all over again; lick the all of you!

5. You Happy, He Happiest!

Have you ever noticed that when his mood completely depends on yours? When you are sad, your dog just sits somewhere in the corner without uttering a word! And sometimes, he even skips meals all because you have some problem. Though, when you are happy he will eat his food plus yours as well. When you are happy, he will never stop running and jumping giving your family yet another reason that dog completes you.

6. Loyalty  100%

Proof 1 – Even after you give them new balls and new toys to play with, they never forget the old one ditching them to the dustbin. If they are this loyal to their toys, how much loyalty would they give you then?
Proof 2 – And the times when you would out for probably an hour but the moment you step in, you dog is all ready to barge onto you jumping and asking you to never leave them ever again. (Yes, even though this happen everyday) What is it if it is not loyalty!

7. No One Can Understand You Better than Them

How your dog stares at you to make an eye contact and he understands that you are going to play with them or not? It is because your dog completes you do well that he doesn’t even need a gesture to welcome him and play. He will understand that eventually. Though, he refuses to understand that you are done playing now and you wanna stop. Ha-ha!

8. Favorite Companion Forever

Dogs are the best companions. They will listen to you even you tell them that you love them or you are yelling at them. They will never sit with anyone talking bad about you on your back, unlike those cruel people around you. Dogs always do the good thing and leave us wondering how humans can’t do those. How dogs so easily lean down to apologize and how dogs be the first one to show care and why humans can’t? If dog is your best companion, than you should take care of him more than anyone, Here is all you need to know about some common dog diseases and how to prevent them.

9. They are the Best Teachers!

They teach everything! They teach us the way to care and love unconditionally. They teach us how important it is to have a family. They teach us how easy life goes when someone knows how to please someone and apologize without wasting time in analyzing who actually committed mistake. They teach us the toughest chapter of life; loyalty and they teach us easiest way to be happy forever.

10. They Never Miss Out to Tell How Important You Are!

May it be their playing time or may it be that ting-tong ringing on the door, the way their eyes glitter up expressing they are loving the moment all because you are there! It is you that they are waking up every morning. It is you that they want to play with. It is you whose side they want to walk by. In every moment of their lives they never miss out telling you that you are their everything and hence, your dog completes you.

In the midst of every one running to save their lives and high on speed to win the race of success, I have been feeling lucky to have a dog who tells me all about a satisfied life. Where there is betrayal, crime and ego all around, dogs are becoming the enlightenment explaining how good one could make out of life.