20 Remedies For Pets That Are Natural And Found At Home

Having a pet is indeed a big responsibility, one that requires investment in terms of time, money and effort. When you think about it, the care of a pet will cost you pretty high in terms of medications that you buy. But the fact is that when it comes to pet care in terms of their health, you need not really spend that much. Many of the common woes that your pets have can be solved using the content of your store cupboards. This way you are taking care of your pet naturally and also being more environmentally friendly too!

  • Drive out those fleas with citrus: Fleas find citrus off putting and you can rub  bit of citrus juice on the pet to keep them away.
  • Keep away things that bite with brewer’s yeast: A mix of brewer’s yeast and tiny bit of garlic in the dry food will solve the problem though leave the garlic out for felines.
  • Water drown the fleas: Fleas tend to loosen their hold when completely soaked with water. So dunk your pet in water and rinse well. A gentle shampoo or cleanser can also add to the cleansing.
  • Cleanliness can make it inhospitable for fleas: When your home is neat and clean the fleas find it less attractive. So ensure that you clean out the area and the things that your pet likes to spend most time on.
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  • Make baby fleas into worm food: You can get nematode worms at shops that supply for pets and have them eat the larva of the fleas.
  • A tick collar made of  Rose Geranium: This is an essential oil that will keep your canine away from ticks. All you need to do is dab a little on the collar.blogspoblogspot.com
  • Cover the paws with booties: The mix of salt and snow may not be that good for the dog’s paws and covering them with booties will help in keeping them safer.
  • Always keep the feet healthy: When your dog comes back from a place that is known to have rougher terrain or any such thing then do make it a point to treat the paws with care, clean them and bandaging them if required.
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  • Chamomile to soothe irritated skin: You can spray some cooled chamomile tea on skin that is irritated to make it better
  • Vitamin E is good : The dry skin on the dog will benefit from the application of vitamin E oil.
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  • Oatmeal: If the pet is constantly scratching make paste of baby oatmeal and water and apply to the itchy place. Leave for about 10 minutes before washing it with tepid water.
  • Hydration is vital: You can help your sick dog to recover faster by giving it some drinks that are rich in electrolytes. Check with the vet regarding the quantity.
  • Keep the tummy happy: When a pet is given antibiotics this could cause the good bacteria to be vanquished along with the bad ones. To replenish it a little yogurt can be given along with dinner.
  • Let the eyes relax: If the pet has eyes that are irritated or inflamed, tepid chamomile tea bag will help bring relief.
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  • Relieve strains and sprains with Epsom Salt: If you notice your dog limping all of a sudden this could be because it has strained itself while doing something rigorously. To relieve this add about half a cup of Epsom Salt to a tepid bath and let the dog soak for some time. Do this twice on a daily basis. Alternately if the dog is too frisky then you can soak a cloth in this solution and apply it on the affected area.
  • Keep changing the eating bowls: Sometimes a pet could have irritation or spots due to the bowl they are eating from and the remedy could be as simple as replacing these.
  • Butter for hairballs: Cat fur can cause hairballs and you need to combat this with brushing and a wet towel. But during intense hairball season give half a teaspoon of butter once in a few days to the cat can help.
  • Give juice to help the bladder: Since felines are susceptible to bladder issues, you can use cranberry juice which is not sweetened to deal with this by adding to food or water.
  • Use canned pumpkin or prune to help in digestion: As your pet grows older digestion can be sluggish. When you notice a strain when your pet wants to go, you can deal with by adding chopped prunes or canned pumpkin. It will help.
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  • What to do when they eat something that they should not: Make them vomit by using hydrogen peroxide; you may use a single teaspoon for every five pounds in weight to induce the vomiting.